Tips On How To Get Rid of Flaky Skin With Simple Ideas

hi my name is Sylvie Sauvage and I'm a

holistic pet expert in founder of Oscar

in Mali in this video I'll give you

tricks to help your dog get rid of that

embarrassing dandruff

okay well I don't think your dog is

embarrassed by the dandruff but he's

probably annoyed if his skin is itchy

dandruff comes from excess production of

skin cells I made a short video on what

dandruff is if you want to check it out

but a quick explanation is that dandruff

is dead skin cells that are being pushed

to the surface in larger quantities than

normal and that causes the excess dry

flaky skin now to get rid of the dry

flaky skin we have to try and figure out

why your dog has dandruff in the first

place so let's try out some let's try to

rule out some simple things first it can

be that your dog is getting bathed too

often with irritating shampoo a dog's

skin has different pH levels than we do

so if you're using a human shampoo even

a baby one it will actually irritate

their skin so make sure that the shampoo

is pH appropriate for your dog as well

as natural and moisturizing or on the

reverse side it can be that you're not

bathing your dog enough if your dog is

dirty it can cause a bacterial build-up

which then causes dandruff to happen so

simply bathing your dog regularly with a

natural dog shampoo can help dandruff I

bathe my dog once or my dog's once every

couple of weeks or so so it's depending

on the season and how dirty they are and

if your environment is really dry I live

in Canada so in the winter the heat gets

turned on and in our house gets really

dry and that can cause dry skin which

then causes dandruff as well so a great

solution for that would be to add

humidity back into your home and also

try and keep your dog's bed away from

the heat vents that pushes the dry air

out there are also some also some other

potential culprits that dandruff that's

a little more complex a common one is

fungus now this can be caused by a poor

immune system and ideally you would want

to approach this from the inside with

nutrition and supplementation in

partnership with topical options such as

a natural healing shampoo that has

antifungal properties Oscar and Molly

has a great product called neem shampoo

bar just for this type of thing its

antifungal antibacterial and it's

extremely moisturizing you can also add

colloidal silver and spray it onto your

dog's skin colloidal silver is a great

antibacterial antifungal

ingredient and it's good solution for

all those in between shampoos as well

now if your dog has dandruff in only

certain spots with red skin blotches

raised oily skin patches missing firuzan

skin these are more severe and can be

related to poor immunity or reaction to

something like a vaccine allergies mites

and I would suggest that you consider

your dog's diet and immunity and also a

visit to your local holistic vet might

be in order but as far as providing your

dog with relief to the dandruff and the

and the itch regular bathing natural

shampoos made especially for dogs

moisture in the air colloidal silver and

spa treatments are great options for

immediate relief

another easiest thing to do is you can

add good-quality fatty acid supplements

to your dog's daily regime and always

have fresh water available I hope that

this video was helpful thank you so much

for watching and to help you further

I've put together a free list of natural

ingredients that are extremely helpful

in healing and soothing the skin I want

to give this to you for free here's all

you need to do is click the link below

this video and I'll send you that list

at no cost to you it's not only going to

help you identify what ingredients to

look for in product but will also give

you a look of a toolbox of ideas of what

to do if other skin issues come up you

can be your own dog skin hero so go

ahead click the link below this video

and I'll send it to you right away

thanks for watching and I'll see you

again soon


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