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hi everyone I'm Robert Rivera and this

is on the cheap tip today I have a very

special guest and that's my dog Mackey

and we are both going to show you how to

make a natural oatmeal cleanser that's

just for dogs so let's get started so

our first ingredient is oats of course

now oats contain polysaccharides which

when mixed with water Lema protecting

coating on the skin that helps fight

dullness and dryness

it also has natural lubricating fats

that help moisturize the skin it also

contains proteins that fight free

radicals and it also contains natural

cleansers called saponins that remove

dirt and oil from deep down in the pores

which is great so we're first going to

start out with a cup of natural

whole-grain oats now we're going to put

that into a blender now you want to put

it in a blender because we want to get

it really fine and almost a flowery

consistency like so see how fine it is

and when you get your cup ground down to

a nice fine texture you're going to put

it into a bowl like so OOP our next

ingredient is baking soda baking soda is

actually a very green cleanser people

think that it's chemicals but it's not

we eat it we put it in foods we clean

with it it's totally fine natural it

cleans the buildup from your hair so any

residue left in your hair it's going to

take out of your hair and it also

neutralizes the odors from your dog's

fur or hair a lot of dogs go outside so

this is a great thing to neutralize that

doggie gross smell so you're going to

take a cup of baking soda and pour that

into your mixture now you just want to

mix it around

just to kind of break it up and get it

together now this is a lot so my dog

isn't really that big so you may need to

alter your recipe measurements this may

be for a more medium to larger dog I

would say a smaller dog could use maybe

about half a cup of both ingredients so

our next and final ingredient is going

to be olive oil you're going to take

about half a tablespoon to a tablespoon

of olive oil and add that into your

mixture like so now we all know the

benefits of olive oil I've explained

this in many of my tutorials olive oil

is a natural cleanser and a natural

moisturizer so we are going to mix those

together like so so finally you're going

to want to take about a cup of water and

add that into your mixture and mix it

all around now you want it to be like a

pasty pancake mix kind of mixture so if

you find that it's not getting there if

it's too dry or you just want to add

water until it's that consistency and as

you can see it's already getting to that

kind of consistency and it smells really

good and don't be surprised if your dog

starts eating out while you give him a

bath because it smells really good but

it's fine because it's all natural

ingredients so he's not going to be

harmed by this as if he were using a

chemically altered shampoo this is all

natural and it's going to clean him and

make him smell mmm delicious so I'm all

done with my mixture and now I have to

go get Mackey and give him a bath so

this is going to take a little bit so

I'll be right back hi everyone so I'm

back with Mackey say hi

and we are in the bathtub getting ready

to do our oatmeal shampoo so we're going

to start by wetting down of course all

of this far and he's pretty good in the

bath I have this side right now

you're pretty done Anna take your

oatmeal cleansing shampoo which as you

can see I had to actually add more water

into it because it really a cup just did

not do it almost was about two cups of

water to make it this really soupy soupy

consistency then you're just gonna add

it onto your dog you're gonna make him

into sort of um he's a little Oh God Mac

you can't get out honey no oh no no no

no no okay I got it back in so you want

to get a nice and deep into the

undercoat of the fur or hair of your dog

the reason we're doing this is to

condition the skin that's underneath as

well as condition the hair that's on top

so this is going to give them a nice

base um for their skin underneath it's

going to moisturize it's going to

prevent any dryness that they may have

and it's also going to cleanse and

moisturize the hair as well grow calm

down Aki whoa

I'm pretty much done putting on my

coating of oatmeal to my dog so I'm

going to now rinse it off

what the Trinity

you're greedy they are a to everyone you

feel so cold

okay alright okay don't come out yet so

now that Mackey's all done with his bath

let's take a look at his before and

after footage

this is Mackey's before and this is

Mackey's after in all seriousness Mac

after his bath actually does have a

smoother and shinier coat and he just

feels very conditioned and he seems to

love it as well so I hope you enjoyed

this tip and make sure that you

subscribe Mackey says subscribe I will

see you next time for another great tip

bye guys say bye

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