Tuna And Shrimp Dog Food Recipe | Recommended For Dogs With Cancer

you'll prepare all the ingredients for

this recipe in advance and then all you

have to do is combine them it's very

simple first thing I have a pound of

cooked shrimp and I just ground this up

in my food processor you could blend it

as well so you make kind of a paste a

shrimp paste I guess you can call it I

have one sweet potato one large sweet

potato all I did was microwave this to

soften it and then I mashed it you could

boil it or bake it however you want to

do it just mash it and have that I also

have half a cup of plain organic yogurt

you may want to make sure that you get

plain yogurt the flavored yogurt even

vanilla is full of sugar and artificial

ingredients and preservatives that your

dog it doesn't need you're also going to

use two crushed garlic cloves every time

I add garlic to our recipe I get a bunch

of emails and Facebook messages and

questions people asking if garlic is

healthy for dogs because they've heard

that it isn't and it is true that garlic

in large quantities is toxic to dogs but

if you're using it in just a small

quantities it's actually shown to have

some really beneficial health aspects to

it things like reducing inflammation

associated with bone and joint issues

like arthritis some people have found

benefits of it for dogs suffering with

certain types of cancer so my

recommendation is to do your research

talk to your veterinarian if you don't

feel comfortable adding garlic to this

recipe don't add the garlic if you do

the research and talk to experts and you

think you want to add it then by all

means it's - crushed garlic cloves that

I add

I'm also going to do about a quarter of

a teaspoon of black pepper 1/4 of a

teaspoon of thyme you want to be sure

that you get the organic thyme leaves if

possible I'm also going to add a quarter

of a teaspoon of turmeric and I am using

this pharmaceutical grade turmeric not

the kind that you can get in powder form

in the baking section at the grocery

store so this as you can see is in

capsules it's a powder so you just break

open the capsule and add it in there

it's no trouble at all

turmeric has some excellent health

benefits for dogs as well again it's

great for certain types of bone and

joint issues inflammation arthritis

problems it has been shown to be

successful for some pet owners with dogs

with certain types of cancer for more on

the science behind tumeric and garlic

and why they're good for your dog you

can click the link below this video that

will take you to our website and there I

have a detailed recipe written out there

and I have some links to some really

great resources and we're looking for

more information on those ingredients

finally we're going to add about 12

ounces of canned tuna in oil so I found

this tuna in extra-virgin olive oil

these are about 4 ounce cans so I'm

gonna add 3 of them as I mentioned this

recipe does not need to be cooked in any

way so I'm just gonna mix this to make

sure everything's thoroughly combined

you want to make sure that the thyme and

the pepper and the garlic are all mixed

throughout and evenly distribute it and

then you can serve it to your dog the

recommended serving size is about a half

a pound for every 20 to 25 pounds of

body weight just be sure that you're

watering your dog really closely dogs

that are more active may mean more

calories while dogs

a little bit lazier may not need as many

so monitor your dog's weight closely and

make adjustments to the serving size

accordingly if you have any questions

feel free to email me thanks for

watching this video guide

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