Vet Recommended Waterless Dog Shampoo Review|Detergent and Alcohol Free

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don't you wish you could wash a dog

anywhere anytime well now you can with

the vet recommended waterless shampoo

what a beautiful day today is look at


enjoying her time at the beach but

unfortunately I can't use the dirty salt

water to wash Akira

while I look better way than for bet

recommended for hooking a curie up with

this awesome product it is called the

waterless no rinse cleanser shampoo this

is available on Amazon for only fifty 95

vet recommended logo waterless no rinse

shampoo perfect for spot cleaning to

remove dirt urine feces accelerant

phosphate and alcohol-free is perfect

for dogs cats birds and rabbits and

pretty sure other fluffy animals just as

Pokemon satisfaction 100% guarantee this

is a 16 ounce bottle and some of the

ingredients basically contains the

ionized water which is a mile so free

can't blend in additional detergent free

alpha last rack extract contains no

alcohol animal by-products I love it

when they keep the ingredients simple

it's pretty much organic but safety is

only for external use to keep our eyes

and the reach of children so the

directions right here say simply point

add your pets with the spring and let me

spray the affected area for

approximately 1 minute

rub it in with a clean car and let it

dry basically that's it and the

company's ok in Las Vegas and go ahead

and check them out on the website let's

go ahead give it a try guys so here are

the spray head similar to what you can

get from Walmart

give it off I'm gonna take a quick sniff

of it first

it smells like just regular human

shampoo with a hint of Apple in the

spray head screw on tight and the Kira

is about to get clean all right here we

go the spray unit has the option of

spray all in stream unfortunately I

don't have any regular cell phone so I'm

gonna use a paper towel that's all I

have in my backpack

here come on open the spray head

we go shiny and clean that looks it's

got like a wet look to us Caroline


very awesome


I'm gonna shiny coat Kira good and

smelling so good appellee fresh well you

just got clean shower guys clean shower

Akira it's perfect to use at the beach

too considering you can have a spot on

clean treatment Wow just look at how

clean the shower here are you show dog

ready look at you look at you

silky-smooth smelling so good too

we just look at how happy a Carrodus

I'll be realizing that she's looking so

fresh so clean smelling so so aptly

sweet this product definitely comes in

handy especially if you have dogs or

pets that this 10 dude love rolling the

dirt or get all dirty for on the spot

treatment that you gonna take anywhere

such as hiking or camping trips and to

keep your car clean go check out the vet

recommended waterless shampoos available

on Amazon for low price once again thank

you so much Becca recommended for

hooking a cure up with this awesome

product we can put this to great use so

thanks for watching this video don't

forget to click on a like comment share

and subscribe button until next time

take care of songs and your pets

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