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hey there guys I'm Michael from chewy

and if you're looking for veterinary

products to provide relief from fleas

fungal infections minor cuts for skin

irritations the veterinary formula

clinical care by synergy labs has got

you covered let's check them out

got a dog or cat with allergies or

sensitive skin they're hyper allergenic

shampoo is formulated to give them an

irritation free experience

it's a tearless shampoo that's free of

harsh ingredients dyes and fragrances Oh


the dreaded hot spot it's a good thing

we've got a hot spot naturally spray to

extinguish those flames their shampoo

conditioner and spray are made with

lidocaine and hydrocortisone and can

reduce inflamed and irritated skin for

maximum relief use a clinical care it's

really spray between baths to relieve

symptoms and speed healing if you've got

an unwelcome infestation there's a flea

and tick shampoo and spray that contains

pyrethrum this ingredient is derived

from flowers and kills fleas and ticks

on contact the spray actually provides

up to 14 weeks of protection against

fleas and ticks keep in mind that the

spray is suitable for dogs only dear pet

is suffering from a fungal or bacterial

infection there's an antiseptic and

antifungal medicated spray and shampoo

it's made with lanolin and aloe vera to

help heal and deodorize while relieving

fungal and bacterial skin infections

there you go Daisy fresh as a flower

first strong seborrhoeic dermatitis use

the anti seborrheic and anti dandruff

shampoo it treats exfoliates hydrates

and promotes healing but if you're

facing parasitic and bacterial

infections like mange or seborrhea there

anti-parasitic and anti seborrheic

medicated shampoo can help it contains

salicylic acid pol tar and micronized

sulfur to fight infection and colloidal

oatmeal and Al and tine

to soothe and hydrate afterwards this

shampoo is suitable for dogs only

looking for a premium natural

moisturizing shampoo

oatmeal and tea tree infuser shampoo

provides soothing relief to skin that's

dry flaky itchy or irritated tea tree

oil is actually proven to be effective

against bacterial and fungal infections

too and because this product contains

tea tree oil it's not suitable for cats

this little piggy went to the market

this little piggy went home this little

piggy had roast beef oh no did it cook

your nail too short for those moments

when your pet snail has been clipped a

little too short

super clot can help don't worry I got

just the thing

it holds bleeding for minor cuts

surgical wounds nail trimming do clot

removal and more there you go all better

now it has an easy-to-use applicator for

controlled and accurate application -

whoo I feel relieved and I hope you do


I'm Michael from chewy thanks for

watching bye

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