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hey guys today I'm sharing that some of

the grooming products that I use with my

dogs these are from wall a very

well-known company and the dog grooming

industry from clippers to shampoos and

grooming wipes things like that all

kinda has all of those things covered so

you've probably heard them before

this is part of their grooming product

of line I have two waterless shampoos if

you don't want a waterless shampoo is

it's exactly what it sounds like so

these ones they have an oatmeal formula

as well as a calming formula

these are pH balanced paraben and

alcohol-free really safe for your dog's

skin and coat they have a coconut line

and a lavender chamomile fragrance this

is the oatmeal formula so it's for itchy

skin moisturizing dry skin things like

that these are a really convenient pump

top and a little bit of comb shampoo

comes out and then you'll just work

these through your dog's coat and you

don't have to run some it's waterless so

there's no rinsing so you know rinse and

big letters on these ones so either

formulated with plant-based cleansers to

be more gentle than the commercial

products that you find that have a lot

of chemicals artificial colors things

like that

that really actually dry out the skin

and do more damage than good

I like the fragrances of both of these

you can smell them they stick around on

your dog's coat for a few days but

they're not overpowering some of the

artificial fragrances used in commercial

grooming products are very flowery very

overpowering and

you know when you're going to leave on

your culture and your about everything

smells like that and I don't like that

they do have a nice fragrance to keep

your dog smelling fresh but just not so

overpowering so those are the no rinse

shampoos and then they also have some

grooming wipes again pretty

self-explanatory grooming wipes are

basically like baby wipes for your job

if I can get one out of here I didn't

put it through that the thingy so now

it's gonna be all bunched on fire

anyway grooming waves everyone's baby

wipes for your dog again in their safe

to wipe your dog down like you can tell

them all it's not a huge fan of the

tongue so there's a point you're going

down and these are the lip lavender

chamomile sense as well so those

fragrances those essential oils actually

help to calm your dog so you may want to

use the calming line if your dog is a

little anxious about bath time but you

can use on two white ears down let me

pause if your dog gets in just something

you know say something sticky I had

children and sometimes they'll wipe

their hands on the dog and instead

having to throw the dog in the bath and

do that I can just like Gerald screaming

right sorry used and over in shampoo

kind of like him down or something like

that so those are the whites they remove

the dirt and the odorant leave that nice

lavender scent behind without you know

as I mentioned without the really

overpowering aroma these ones are also

made with plant-based cleansers

alcohol-free pretty easy you know to use

wall products also made in the USA so

that's nice so and then last but not

least are the shampoos now these are you

can see the big thing 70% more about so

they're concentrated

means that you use less of these

concentrated shampoos than you would

with a typical pet shampoo so I'm just

gonna show you really quickly this is my

dog shower head from MIT pack I have

done a review on these and every time I

wash my dogs in the video people ask me

about this

this shower head and I do love it and I

bring you that so you can find more

information if you click the link below

this video to track is that out as well

so this is again we have the oatmeal and

then the calming the lavender the

oatmeal again it's for moisturizing so

I'm just gonna put a little dab on

motley just a tiny bit and I'll see if I

can get her she doesn't want to turn but

you can see just that tiny bit makes a

nice lather it's a really easy it's not

really like thick which is what I was

thinking a concentrated formula to be

it's really easy to work through this

down to the skin and wear the coat this

has that coconut lime smell too and it's

not you know overpowering

so again alcohol free paraben free

really going to nourish the skin and not

dry dough and make things work worse on

same thing with the calming formula so I

was going to

show you how easily it rinses out now

one thing I look for in dog stances is

that they rinse easily some of them kind

of leave a greasy residue sort of and it

ends up you know they're really

difficult to rinse cycle and you have to

do a lot of work to really scrub it them

and get them out but these ones rinse

really clean just happens to everybody

on eBay there are trade so these ones

rinse really clean once your dog is

rinsed you don't have any oily greasy

residue on leftover on your pet so I I

really love that Molly's done her about

now she wants to get out so I'll give

you a little rundown of the prices of

the waterless shampoos are 7.1 ounces

and you get those her 597 on Amazon

pretty comparable to other waterless

shampoos and you can find a full list of

products sorry of ingredients on our

website you to check that out if your

dog has sensitive skin same thing with

about shampoos I have all the

ingredients on there and those are the

oatmeal they come in these 24 ounce

bottles that you see here the oatmeal is

$5.99 and the coaming is $6.99 and then

the wipes you get 50 wipes for 849 and

you know all plant derived ingredients

so these are really comparable prices

with some of the shampoos you find are

getting that are full of the artificial

ingredients and the chemicals and things

like that I kind of expected them to be

a little bit more expensive so I was

really happy with the price

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