👀What Would Happen To Curly Hair If You Tried Dog Shampoo?

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Hey ya'll, so today I will be trying bork bork aka doggo shampoo. Why you may ask?

*shrugs in spanish*

Just kinda wanna see what happens. Actually it's the perfect shampoo for you because you're a bi---  bichon frise

Is what she was going to say, because we're not trying to get the monetized here, right Brenda!?

So first I need doggo shampoo, so off to wellsmart (walmart)

So here we are at Wellsmart (walmart) in the dog section. Let's take a look, shall we?

So I want to find the shampoo that is the closest possible to human shampoo because a lot of these are really sketchy

I found this waterless shampoo which is kind of cool, pero

I flipped it over and it has sodium laureth sulfate

Which is really harsh, so no. The doggie on this is super cute, pero this is whitening

And I'm brown and I want to stay Brown, so no. Oatmeal Naturalsssssss, let's see how natural it is. Coconut based cleansers

Well that is extremely vague and sketchy, no. Flea and tick shampoo

I think I'm gonna skip this because I would like to keep my eyesight

And then I found the Burt's Bees dog shampoo. Burt's Bees is a brand I'm familiar with because they make a whole bunch of natural

skin care and hair care products for humans.

I looked at the ingredients and its sulfate free with natural extracts, so I think we got a winner here

Now before I begin I want to give out a disclaimer

I really didn't want to do this because I don't think that I should have to tell you, "hey, don't use dog shampoo

That's not a smart idea"

But as social media has grown and people have gone viral and famous from being

Painfully stupid, please don't do this. Just watch me do this. Like the freakin tide pod challenge

I cannot believe people were actually eating them. Why do people have to be stupid and ruin a good meme. Why, just why?


Let's hope my hair doesn't fall out

Lowkey, the real reason I wanted to use dog shampoo

Is because I have fleas. Just kidding. I have ticks

Just kidding again!

and my hair got tangled

Okay, that's great

Honestly, it feels normal. It doesn't feel like extreme or

Different or anything of that sort of nature. So I'ma just go ahead and rinse it out

Watch my hair fall out while I'm rinsing it out

So I rinsed the shampoo, and it's not that bad y'all okay

It's a lot less scary than I thought. I've actually used human shampoo

That's way more drying than this before so it's not that bad. But my hair is like super freakin tangled, so like...

*regret sinks in*

So I want to see if I can get decent results from this, so I'm gonna use my regular products

And this is the Shea Moisture

Coconut oil conditioner, and I'm gonna use that for my tangles. So while I was in the pet shampoo section

I noticed there was like no cat shampoo? and then I realized oh yeah cats don't like water, right?

I have no idea because we've never really properly had a cat. Every cat that I've had has ended up in a disaster

"Dad, can I have a cat?" and my family, being the dog family that we are, everyone said "uh no"

But I raised the money and got a cat anyways

And he literally pooped all over

My project. Like, not just like a solid poo where I could have like picked it up

And maybe, you know, cleaned it up a little bit? no no, he like diarrhead all over

everything and it was


Apparently their poop is poison? my uncle has like

Three cats and he legit was hospitalized from being scratched by a cat that accidentally had poop in its nails

Anyways, the point is I like dogs better. No shade on the kitties, pero like dogs. Hey look at that

No more tangles. Time to rinse

So I'm going to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb, then I'm gonna use the mop top leave-in conditioner

I'm going to finger comb that through, smooth and scrunch it into my hair. Scrunch again with a microfiber towel

Then I'm going to style with the mop top curly hair custard. This is my favorite styler ever

I'm going to smooth that over, finger comb it in and scrunch it in. I'm gonna plop for about 10 minutes, air dry, then

Show you guys the result.

Alrighty so here

Are the results?

*is shooketh*

Don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty shooketh, y'all. Tell me why this wash

Looks better than, like, other wash days

I've had with a human-normal human products? not gonna lie, my hair-it looks like a snacc. A

Scooby Snacc

Get it? Scooby is a dog, dog shampoo

Scooby Snacc

Obviously, I'm not gonna keep using it because it's for perros. And not gonna lie, while my hair was drying the shampoo scent-it was

Just like giving up very weird fumes and I felt a little lightheaded

And I think it's because, you know, it's supposed to be like extra strong

Because dogs be rolling in mud and poop and worms and all of that

But I am extremely pleased with the results. My hair doesn't feel stripped

The shampoo was gentle, it did its job, and I got some decent wash day results. Comment down below

What you think of my results and also leave me recommendations of other weird hair products you would like me to try

Make sure to follow me on my Instapoop because I be updating there on the daily

Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day-and why am I making praying hands? I don't know


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