What You Should Know About Dog Clean Routine

hi guys welcome back to my channel every

Wednesdays and Saturdays we have a new

videos and today's video is my dog's

clean routine with vinegar and water

solution after walks every day his candy

and she's my coton de Tulear and the

code is very delicate and it's a hard

work am i using clear vinegar but you

can use the apple cider vinegar I put

some vinegar in another container for

daily use and also I use a towel in a

toothbrush and toothpaste for this

routine we're gonna start taking off all

accessories of my talk as a hair clip

harness or cooler many people ask me how

often is a bad time for my dog it's a

one time per month or two words I'm

gonna add some vinegar in the water


and let's wet the towel squeeze it and

you are ready to start cleaning the body

of your junk

I follow the strand of her code up to

down because I don't want to tangle the

hair of my girl if I work in order it

will be easier I'm doing this clean

routine for five years and works awesome

with me and my dog and I want to tell

you that I give to my dog two days off

about this clean routine and she can be

a real dog for two days only


look my dog's eye area is very she has

peers so please be gentle with this area

when you cleaning if your dog has many

peers I recommend you wet a gas with

warm water and clean the area as many

times as you need it until the ITA comes

off easily


here I have a little very thin of my

dog's eye so she doesn't have to match

because I'm cleaning the eye area five

days per week and I'm trying to keep try

the eye area guys for this type of clean

routine you will have this position do

it with love

or do these kind of things with complete

dedication talk with your dog be gentle

and your dog be quiet and you can work

on him now we are going to rinse the

towel and you can change the water and

vinegar as many times as you think is

necessary okay now I'm gonna clean the

genitals because the pee smells

and stains the hair and I like to keep

the engines area very clean because

there can be little pieces of poop on

the hair and finally I'm gonna clean the

Candy's path for me is very important to

keep her paws clean because she's

allowed to claim onto the furniture and

beds in the house

and when you finish this clean routine

don't forget wash the towel for next day

now I'm going to brush the candy steel

and I brush her teeth every day because

her diet is soft and crunchy at the same

time so it's better to keep the candy

steel clean to avoid problems in the

future and also about the dental

cleaning under anesthesia every year

remember to do I'm sorry my neighbor's

dog is barking remember to do everything

with passion love and disposition when

my dog scare past right I'm gonna brush

her coat for me works to brush the coat

back to front as you are watching on the

video I'm sorry my neighbor's dogs again

she's a Barker sorry below in the info

box you will find some videos about more

clean routine with my dog do you know

that this clean routine with water and

vinegar solution is a natural repellent

for fleas and ticks yes I never use any

fleas or take preventive with candy but

I have a video how to add the preventive

gel for fleas and fit below in the info

box if your dog is infested with fleas

or ticks it has no skin wounds or skin

irritations you can make an apple

vinegar solution with the same amount of

water and clean the body of the dog but

please consulting with the bed before

and also this solution with water and

vinegar helped me to keep the pH of my

dog's body balanced it Aqib is the

balance of the skin and scalp of the dog

prevent the dry skin irritations and

infections keep a strong shiny silky and

hair without tangles

if your dog has problem with a body

order mix the same amount of apple cider

vinegar with shampoo shake well and

bat-eared are important before using

this solution of water and vinegar I

recommend you to do a test in a small

area of your dog skin weight and if your

dog's skin don't have a bad reaction you

can start with this clean routine avoid

eye contact

with this solution irritate skin or open

wounds with me this clean routine works

very well but with you may be going to

be different when I finish this clean

routine I always wash the towel in this

way please keep the towel always clean

for the next thing and eventually I do

the same with a harness it's very

important to keep the animal clean and

also his accessories Anna as you can see

I never use chemicals or bleach shampoo

conditioners perfumes or magic powders

to keep my girl white and clean this is

my experience and I hope this video will

help you guys I hope you like this video

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