4 Effective Natural Remedies To Prevent and Remove Ticks In Dogs

many people look for more natural ways

to care for their pets some of which are

more effective than others in this

animal wise video we bring you some

natural tips to help prevent and remove

ticks in dogs however it's very

important you know this is not a

replacement for veterinary treatment

which needs to be carried out beforehand

to ensure the dog hasn't suffered any

dermatological or other health problems


ticks are ectoparasites arachnids

meaning there are a parasite which live

externally on another living being

their greatest activity is between

spring and autumn they can act as

vectors for many diseases some of them

very serious for this reason we need to

have our dog properly dewormed and

examine their skin after a walk

especially during the most active tick

period it's imperative we eliminate them

within 24 hours as this is the

approximate time of ticks for ticks to

hook into the skin and start

transmitting pathologies

before continuing we encourage you to

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date with everything we share when the

ticks are very small they can be

difficult to register so we need to be

attentive to the following symptoms

redness severe itching rash and swelling

in the most serious cases when there is

a generalized parasitosis the

veterinarian will advise us on using

veterinary products which have much

greater effectiveness they can also

remove the ticks one by one with special

tweezers for this purpose they will also

be able to apply products which are

designed to help eliminate parasites

definitively especially since some

cannot be easily seen drops collars

tablets serums shampoos and sprays are

generally used here you can check out

this related video on whether humans can

get parasites from dogs natural remedies

are not a replacement for veterinary

treatment but can be used in a

supplementary fashion after you've

consulted a veterinary specialist apple

cider vinegar compose of acetic acid

responsible for vinegars sour taste

apple cider vinegar may be able to help

eliminate ticks as well as other

parasites such as fleas and lice mix

equal parts water and apple cider

vinegar in a bowl once ready dip in a

clean cloth and rub over the dog skin

citrus citrus fruit is thought to repel

ticks we advise you to use lemon but

oranges grapefruit and lime are also

valid oral 2 cups of water with two

lemons cut in half cover and let simmer

for an hour to infuse let it cool and

put the infusion into a spray bottle

apply to the dog's body but check the

reaction and ensure you don't get it

anywhere near their face and eyes

chamomile some reports suggest chamomile

is an effective remedy as a tick

repellent to use simply prepare a

chamomile tea let it cool and rub it on

the dog's skin to get rid of the ticks

it's also possible that chamomile can

help prevent the proliferation of tick

eggs natural oils there are a number of

essential oils which might also help us

to get rid of ticks and dogs

these include neem oil which can be

applied to the dog's skin when mixed

with water when using neem essential oil

you will need to dilute only two drops

in half a litre of water now you have

some help and effective methods to

remove ticks from dogs and prevent them

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