An Convenient Way To Make Homemade Dog Food

today I'm sharing a recipe for a beef

stew for dogs made in the slow cooker

slow cookers are my favorite way to

prepare homemade dog food it's quick

it's easy I can set it in the morning

before I leave for work when I come home

there's a meal already for my dog so I

really enjoyed using a slow cooker this

week's new recipe is great for dogs with

a sensitive stomach and if your pet does

have some sensitivities to beef you

could always change the protein source

as well as I mentioned it's really

simple to make slow cooker recipes I put

in all the ingredients set it and then

whenever I get home or if I'm home all

day or I can go around the house and do

projects and clean and all of that stuff

and I don't have to worry about tending

the food so all you have to do is add

all of these ingredients into a slow

cooker the first ingredient is two and a

half pounds of lean ground beef I'm also

going to add a 15 ounce can of drained

dark red kidney beans I have one and a

half cups of dry Brown right one and a

half cups of chopped carrots one and a

half cups of chopped squash I use acorn

squash but you could use any type of

squash zucchini pumpkin works well and I

also have half a cup of chopped green

beans then I'm going to add four cups of

water on top I'm going to put the lid on

my slow cooker and cook this on low for

about six hours

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