Chicken Stew Food for Dogs with No Appetite

the first step in making this chickens
do is to add four pounds of boneless
skinless chicken breasts four cups of
water and you're gonna cook this on low
for four hours I've shredded the chicken
and now I'm gonna add the rest of the
ingredients I have a half a cup of oats
I have a cup of carrots a half a cup of
green beans and a half a cup of broccoli
so I'm gonna dump all of those in then
I'm just gonna give this a quick Little
Mix and put the lid back on
let it cook on low for about another
hour and then it's finished and ready to
serve to your dog
I recommend serving about half a cup for
every 20 to 25 pounds of body weight
that recommendation is for the
quote/unquote average dog so keep in
mind that if your pet is a little bit
more active he may need more calories if
he's a little lazier than the average
dog he may not need quite as many the
best thing you can do is discuss a
homemade diet with your veterinarian or
a canine nutritionist they'll give you
the exact serving size for your pet
based on his nutritional needs if you
have any other questions feel free to
email me thanks for watching this video

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