Easy Ways To Give a Pill to a Cat

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as a veterinarian I have to prescribe
medication to my patients every single
day of course and just like you will in
all likelihood have to take medicine at
some point in your life so will your cat
and I always like to ask my clients how
do you feel about giving a pill to your
cat because for some people that's a
really daunting task especially if
you've never done it before and there
are different methods of giving your cat
a pill and I always like to start with a
path of least resistance so make it a
pleasant experience for your cat if
possible so if it's a medication that
can be crushed always check with your
veterinarian to ask if it can safely be
crushed try at first crushing the pill
and mixing it a little bit of canned
food a little bit of yogurt that's fine
as long as your cat eats the entire
amount of food containing that
medication that of course is the easiest
way to do it but of course not all cats
are willing to eat canned food or yogurt
especially they can smell the medication
in it another thing that's nice to try
is using a treat that is intended for
actually giving medication these treats
are nice because they're salmon flavored
and they have a strong odor so a cat is
less likely to smell the medication
inside of it so what you do is you take
your pill and these trees actually have
a hole already in it so you can put
medication directly inside of the hole
like so you just push it on down close
the treat around it again they're nice
and pliable so you can do this and you
administer the treat as a whole so Scout
here loves treats but sometimes she
knows when there is medicine in it so
I'm just gonna offer it to scout and
let's just see
now treat a forum Scout does not want a
treat with a pill in it so we're gonna
have to go to plan B and use a pill
popper this is a pill popper and these
are a great way to safely administer a
pill to a cat without actually having to
get your fingers inside a cat's mouth
most pill poppers can be loaded fairly
easily they all have a plunger here at
the bottom and this plunger can be
pulled back according to how large the
pill is what it does is it creates more
space when you pull it back up here or
the pill actually is set so if I pull
back it creates more space if I push
forward less space this is a fairly
small pill so I'm just going to pull
back slightly on the plunger and load
the pill here at the very end there's a
soft rubber tip and it's got some slits
in it that are designed to hold the pill
snugly and as I push this plunger when I
have this pill position all the way in
the back of her mouth I will push this
plunger and it'll force this pill
outward okay now let's see how this
works out for scout
now I've got my pill popper nice and
loaded and a lot of times people are
doing this by themselves they don't have
two people to help hold a cat and
administer a pill so I'd like you to get
comfortable with doing this by yourself
and the key is to have a nice place that
is difficult for your cat to backup
because the first thing a cat is gonna
want to do when they're in a situation
that they don't want to be in is they're
gonna want to back up so it's best to
have your cat on your lap so if Scout
backs up she can't really go far because
I'm right here or beyond a table where
you're in an upright position the point
is is don't provide an outlet for a cat
to back up because that's the first
thing they're gonna want to do the
second thing is I need to control Scouts
head and this is something also you
really need to get comfortable with and
how to control a cat's head don't be shy
about grabbing the scruff of a cat's
neck and the scruff is this loose skin
in between their ears and the top of
their neck don't make the mistake of
trying to grab a scruff way down low in
between their shoulder blades a lot of
people make that mistake and it gives
you no control over the animal's head
try to get up as far as you can up
between the ears and the very top of the
neck and this gives me great control
over her head don't worry this is not a
painful thing for cats they're very used
to being held like this in fact it's a
comfort when you are in control so I'm
gonna grab the scrap here and I'm gonna
pull Scouts head upward I don't want her
head hanging down
I want it upward even to the point it's
not wrong to actually lift them up to
where their feet are off the table or
off your lap a little bit now here's the
key with using this pill popper is you
don't want to shove it in the back of
their throat you can actually harm the
back of their throat you only want to
put it in far enough to place it in the
very back of the mouth
or even in the side of their teeth just
far enough don't put pressure on the end
of this plunger so I'm going to grab her
scruff and pull her up gently and use
the end of the pill popper to open up
the side of her mouth all the way back
and I'm going to push the plunger out we
go and you can even rub the bottom of
their throats a bit or even the tip of
the nose to encourage licking
so I'm holding her up just waiting for
her to swallow
she wants to be sneaky and not swallow
there we go so remember when
administering medication to a cat the
safety of the cat and especially your
safety is the biggest concern if you
have any questions about administering
medication to a cat consult your

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