Easy Ways To Make Homemade Flea Spray For Dogs

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hey everyone welcome to top to our tips

my name's Samantha today I wanna talk to

you guys about making your own homemade

flea spray get fertilize exact time of

year here I mean it's spring and things

are we're ramping up for flea season so

I wanted to show you guys some of the

ways that I make homemade flea spray

please bake spray is great it's great

for around your home your yard things

like that and it's great to use on your

dog especially if you don't want to use

the chemical treatments or be adjustable

tablets that you can get at your veter

or your local pet store so one of the

ways and people say that it works really

well I've tried it it worked but it

didn't work very well for me we're in

very rural Maine or dogs spend tons of

time in the woods we do a lot of hiking

we didn't have fleas but it did not help

with ticks as much as I had or hoped it

would and that is it's a lemon it's like

a lemon water mixture so what you want

to do is um sorry

take it sweeten her toy in the

background so what you would want to do

for that one is a pint of water and

you're gonna boil that with lemons like

that I use about two lemons and you just

slice them off put the lemons like those

Reed and they are one pint of water you

boil it I'll let it steep overnight so

you boys bring it to a boil

shut your your stove top off cover it

and just let it steep in there overnight

put that in a spray bottle and it's just

it's really just lemon water again you

know it works well for the fleas but not

so great on the ticks for us personally

so that's why that's kind of my number

three number two is the you want to take

these spray bottles I got these ones

with the dollar store you can get them

anywhere any big-box store is gonna have

them so you're going to take a

um a spray bottle empty spray bottle you

want to do half of your spray bottle

water and half apple cider vinegar I

have fun doesn't matter what time you

use an apple cider vinegar is a great

great great way to get rid of fleas on

dogs naturally we actually put a little

teaspoon in our dog's water bowl it's

not enough that you you know it's it

makes it taste yucky to them but they

ingest it and that works great as a

natural flea repellent that you can also

make this flea spray and when you do

with the half water half half apple

cider vinegar it works great but it

stinks it stinks like apple cider

vinegar so you know your dog smells like

that which again you know it works its

natural that aspect of its great but

it's a little bit stinky so that's why

it's number two on my list number one

flea spray that I use and I highly

recommend you take one cup of apple

cider vinegar again doesn't matter what


3in into your spray bottle so one cup of

apple cider vinegar you do a few drops

of an essential oil lavender works

really really well

peppermint works really really well to

get rid of fleas if there's another

smell that you want to use you have the

apple cider vinegar which is a great

natural repellent if there's a different

scent that you like better just do a

quick Google search make sure that

essential oil to see for your dog and

then you're good to go so I again

lavender and peppermint I use I highly

recommend so you're gonna do 1 cup of

the apple cider vinegar just a few three

or four drops of your essential oil and

then fill the rest up with water it's

the essential oil cancels out a little

bit of apple cider vinegar smell that

smells better it works great and that is

the recipe that I use so making homemade

flea spray super easy it gets rid of

those chemicals and like I said you know

two that work really well for me one

that works pretty well for fleas but

doesn't work as well on ticks the apple

cider vinegar seems to keep ticks away

for the most part - we still pick ticks

offered on every year but I was picking

ticks off our dogs when we were using

line and some of the adjustable

medications as well so for me where we

live it's a very very high tick

population around here so I don't I've

never found anything that will 100%

remove or keep ticks away but this

homemade spray the apple cider vinegar

does a very good job so if you guys have

any questions feel free to email me


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with all of that I appreciate you guys

watching and I'll see you back next time


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