Homemade Dog Food To Treat Renal Disease

the main ingredients in the stock food

recipe are a chicken rice and eggs this

recipe has been recommended for some

dogs with kidney disease if you have a

dog that's been diagnosed with kidney

problems and you want to switch them to

a homemade diet be sure that you work

with an expert

kidney disease varies greatly and

there's different stages and the diets

for dogs in different stages are very

different there are certain things that

you need to include in the diet for dogs

in certain stages that you wouldn't

include for a dog in other stages and

vice-versa so be sure that you talk to

an expert work with the canine nutrition

asur your veterinarian and come up with

a plan show them this recipe this may be

a great recipe a great option for your

dog but it is likely that they will

recommend adding certain supplements or

a multivitamin to it to make it

nutritionally balanced for your path

this recipe for kidney disease is really

easy to prepare and once you've got all

the ingredients prepped you can put them

all together so I've done all the hard

work already I'm just gonna combine all

of my ingredients now so I have 1 cup of

boiled chopped chicken you can see that

my kisses are fairly big I'm gonna feed

this to my chocolate lab Sadie so I'm

not really worried about tiny pieces but

you'll want to cut them into

appropriately sized pieces for your dog

I also have one hard-boiled egg that

I've mashed I'm going to add 2

tablespoons of organic nonfat plain

yogurt and you want to make sure that

this is plain yogurt you don't want to

feed your dog any type of flavored

yogurt even like the vanilla flavor it

has added sugars and ingredients that

your dog doesn't need I'm gonna add a

quarter of a cup of cooked brown rice as

you cook rice it gains volume so you're

going to want to cook the rice as you

can see it cooked a little bit too much

but it's

probably about an eighth of a cup of dry

rice will get you 1/4 of a cup of cooked

rice and then my final ingredient is 1/2

a cup of steamed carrots and green beans

so I used 1/4 cup of carrots for a cup

of green beans you could use other

vegetables that are dog friendly or you

could also use just half a cup of one if

you only have one vegetable on-hand so

now I'm just gonna toss this make sure

it's thoroughly combined and all of my

ingredients are cooled so I'm gonna feed

it to Sadie right away I recommend

eating about a quarter of a cup for

every 10 pounds of body weight and this

is just a guideline keep that in mind

they have a lot of people ask me what

the right serving size is for their dog

I can't tell you that only your

veterinarian or a canine nutritionist

can tell you that after they evaluate

your dog to see his nutritional needs

it's likely that they'll probably also

recommend a supplement or multivitamin

as well so keep that in mind work with a

professional if you're feeding a

homemade diet if you have any other

questions feel free to email me thanks

for watching this video recipe

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