How To Chalk A Double-Coated Dog For Show Ring, Featuring Connor The Sheltie

hi I'm Alison and this is another
episode of leading edge dog show too
and today I'm gonna show you how you
would chalk a double coated breed so an
Australian Shepherd a Shetland Sheepdog
a Siberian Husky an Alaskan Malamute
it's basically all going to be the same
so the products I'm using today and I'll
make sure that there's links in the
comments below
but I'm gonna use the proline self rinse
and the proline chalk I'm going to use
some cholesterol so the method is always
the same you know on my clean dog I'm
just gonna take the self rinse and I'm
just going to do this to add you know a
little bit of stick them into the dog's
hair so you just kind of get the leg
damp and then once the leg is stamp you
can take your brush and just kind of
separate all the hair so there's a place
for the chalk to get into that hair on
legs so you see how we've made sure that
all the hair was separated so then we're
going to use a little bit of cholesterol
and so I like for each leg I would use
you know about the amount that you're
gonna put on your toothbrush maybe maybe
a little bit more than that and I'm just
going to work the cholesterol into my
hands and then I'm gonna work it through
all of this coat so you're gonna do this
on every leg of your dog and you're just
gonna work it all the way through and
again I like to maybe take a little
brush and just make sure that I have it
evenly and the leg and the hair is all
separated so once I have that done I
have my chalk here but I've put it into
just a Tupperware container for ease I
have a chalk brush to help scoop up the
and I'm just gonna use the lid here or a
piece of paper or a towel to keep the
excess from getting all over my table
and I'm just gonna lightly work that
chalk into my dog's leg so the chalk
makes the leg whiter it makes the hair
stand out and make the leg look like it
has lots of bone and it just gives a
pretty effect to the hair so once you
have that all worked in with your chalk
brush you can take your dog and I like
shake it out and then again I'm gonna
take my same brush and I'm just going to
go over the leg I'm going to let this
dry for about ten or fifteen minutes and
then I'm going to use my same brush and
just go over the leg again and shape the
hair so that you can see from one leg to
the other how it made the leg look like
it has more bone it's whiter and it just
is gonna give a very pretty effect once
it's dried so you're gonna do that on
each and every leg of your dog and let
it dry one thing before you go in the
ring make sure that your dog is on a wet
towel and you've cleaned the chalk off
the bottom of your dog's feet because
you don't want to go around the ring and
have little footprints showing the judge
that you have chalked your dog so that's
how we chalk our double coated dog and
thanks for joining us hi guys I hope you
enjoyed today's video please give us a
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see soon bye

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