How To Cook For Little Poodle Mix Doggo|Dog Food Recipe

hey you guys welcome back to my channel

today there's a window right behind the

camera and there's two people walking by

with the dog so that's why she's barmy

so today's video is a little bit

different than what I usually do in my

kitchen because today we are making food

for this little girl

right here so I have been making Maddy's

homemade dog poop for probably three or

four years now

disclaimer I am NOT a licensed

veterinarian I'm just sharing the dog

food recipe that we've been meeting

Maddie so sometimes we do some

variations to this recipe but this is

just kind of a bit of a basic version

that I'm going to show you today

Maddie has been eating this homemade dog

food for probably three or four years

now and she is five she absolutely loves

it she does really well on it so why did

I start making homemade dog food because

it's a lot of work it's not easy I do

this every probably two and a half or

three weeks

so basically when Maddie was about one

or two years old she was eating just dry

dog food kibble and I replaced one of

the bags I just picked another and I'm

at the pet store and after I made for

the first feeding of it she was like

struggling to breathe and she was

coughing and

having a lot of troubles I was like in

total panic mode we talked to the bat

and we have an amazing veterinarian and

she ended up spending the night there

and after that they told us that she's

really sensitive to different foods and

she has a sensitive stomach and we

should be careful what we feed her

things like that and then I kind of just

started doing my own research into the

pet food industry as a whole and what

really was in commercial pet foods and I

learned a lot I will put the link down

below for a great documentary called pet

pool and you can find this on necklace

it has a whole lot of great information

out there if you're just trying to get

into the comité dog food and maybe learn

some more about the commercial pet food

industry so before we start I do want to

mention a couple things and give you a

couple of reasons why

homemade pet food can be a whole lot

better than commercial so basically the

dog food industry is run by the same

companies that make candy bars so in my

mind they're not really qualified in pet


there are also some important reasons to

feed homemade or fresh dog food so I

feel like you're gonna have a couple

little notes right now dog spend a homie

diet using high quality foods from their

owners at versus commercial pet food had

a life expectancy of 32 months longer

that is at almost three years

and we love our little perfect so you

know what I just want to do whatever I

can to make sure that she is fed the

best food and that she's happy and

healthy and can live a long life this

the packaging on dog food labels can

also be extremely misleading so here are

some facts that I learned from the pet

pool documentary if the dog food says

the word with it only needs to contain 3

percent of that ingredient if they use

the word dinner or formula it only needs

to contain 25% of that ingredient so

packaging is very misleading so today

experts claim that 60% of dogs will

develop cancer in their lifetimes it's

just way too high the statistics so I

just want to do everything that I can to

prevent that from happening to my dog

because why wouldn't I I would do the

same if I had a human child so studies

have found that dogs who were fed leafy

green vegetables at least 3 times a week

we're 90% less likely to develop cancer

just by adding some leafy green

vegetables into your dog's kibble if

you're not ready to start doing homemade

food yet that can make a huge difference

it was also found that dogs that yellow

and orange types of vegetables three to

three times a week minimum for 70

percent less likely to develop a cancer

so again these are just some vegetables

you could be adding into your dog's

kibble if you're not ready to do homie

yeah I think it's also important to

mention too that the ingredients that I

use for mady are necessarily going to

work for your dog just experiment with

different vegetables of course

research first and make sure that

they're safe for God but find out which

vegetables your dog like so the same

thing goes with the protein source for

the most part most dogs do not do well

with chicken so we don't feed her

chicken we give her ground turkey and

yes even though I am plant-based my dog

eats meat because I would never in a

million years to make that decision for

her I don't really agree with vegan dogs

if that does not sit well with me so I

just wanted to mention that in case

maybe anyone ever assumed that because

I'm playing bass if I feed my dog

plant-based no frickin way I would never

in a million years do that another

hidden ingredient in dog food is the

dice and grains so Debra and I moved

this is probably two years ago two or

three years ago and at the time we were

feeding Maddie for homemade dog food she

was absolutely loving at her face with

salt light and fluffy like it is now but

prior to that when we were feeding her

kibble in the first one or two years of

her life she always had black and she

doesn't always better

she always have black on like stains

tear staining under her eyes and we

would go to the pet store and they'd say

I'll try this product try this product

could clear it I tried all of the

different things and then from elm

research I discovered that the staining

is from dyes in the food so we had moved

and we started to notice that even

though she was even your homemade over

her face was turning brown she was

having the black - you're saying again

and we like we're so confused

we could not

figure out why so one day we come follow

it around and see what she's up to and

she had found a bag of kibble submits

dry dog food that was left in the first

room that we didn't know go so she was

having a free-for-all for probably three

or four weeks just helping herself and I

saw the difference because her face

turned brown again and after we got rid

of that dog food and made it so she

don't get it anymore it still took

probably three or four months of eating

her homemade dog food for that staining

to be out of her system again I'm gonna

show you guys how we make Maddy's home

eat dog food today the first thing that

I always start with is make sure they

actually throw on a Netflix show and

just keep myself occupied and I peel and

chop up a three pound bag of carrots and

a sweet potato okay so I have my sweet

potato peeled and my three pounds bag of

carrots peeled next I'm gonna cut these

up so I'm gonna chop up my sleep it

doesn't need to be super small pieces


it's cooked we're gonna mash it before

we add it into the rest of the dog food

anyway and now for the parents

I don't mash the carrots but I do cut

them up kinda small so that I can just

throw them right into the dog food with

my dog in particular men doesn't really

chew things very well so I can't really

leave big pieces because she would like

John I know that you guys are probably

thinking like dogs aren't that stupid I

learn to not eat so fast but I'm telling

you she discovered we have tried it's

just not worth it so I just taught them

a little bit smaller for her so my

carrots and sweet potatoes are all

chopped I'm going to like cover these

with water and then boil them until

they're soft


okay so we have our cut up and peeled

carrots and sweet potato we're gonna

turn these on this one always confuses

me because it's backwards so I'm going

to wash and cut up these ingredients I'm

going to keep them aside in my bowl here

and they're going to get added to the

food raw with the meat and just kind of

get cooked in doers you probably use it


I'm just kind of ripping these up into

little bite-sized pieces that I know

what size sheet meat and I only know

that because if I get her piece of

something and it's too big for her she

literally will not eat it she will leave

it oh okay okay

Jesse err sighs hey girl she's also

obsessed with

I use a low sometimes in the summer I

always get nice organic fresh peas or

beans from our own garden and let me

just show you one this sit like a goose

or my good girl

it's hi Jerry I'm German you so chill

you got broccoli at your head okay so we

have our bowl of raw veggies these are

green beans broccoli and zucchini so I'm

going to put these aside so now we're

gonna start cooking the meat I'm using

extra lean minutes turkey for her

because I know it sits well with her

this is her primary favorite protein

we've tried some other ones this one

seems to be the best so I'm going to

turn this large pot to about medium

temperature and then the wait for it to

heat up just a little bit and then I'm

gonna add in the meat I can put a fork

through my sweet potatoes now so I know

that those are done I'm going to take

them off now that my pipe is heated up

I'm going to start adding the meat


I'm gonna let this cook for a little bit

before I start breaking it up this is it

and Maddy is waiting ever so patiently

you waiting for you dog food so now that

this is starting to cook a little bit

I'm going to break up the big pieces the

dog food is mostly cooked there's a

little bit of pink left and I do leave

some of the pink meat because it's fine

for dogs to have raw meat I just don't

do totally raw out with Matty because it

doesn't sit well with her so when it's

looking like this I like to add a little

bit of organic turmeric start really

small when you start offering to rent

for your pets I only give her a load

this much in that entire batch of food

so less than probably a teaspoon I'm

gonna add that to the beach so you can

do your own research there and make your

own informed decision this is just what

I do and while there's still some pink

left I'm going to add in today I'm using

a bag of frozen chopped kale sometimes I

use spinach and sometimes I use fresh

kale or spinach when I have it in the

summer time we have fresh kale and

spinach in the garden so that's what we

used right now it's winter so we're

gonna frozen our image


so at this time I'm going to add all of

my green vegetables next I'm going to

mash the sweet potato okay the carrots

are soft enough now I'm going to add in

the cooked carrots to the meat mixture


and I'm gonna add in the cooked and



and I'm going to turn the heat

completely off now because everything in

here is cooked and ready to go so I'm

just kind of fixing to make sure

everything is well combined


so her food is completely cooked heat is

off now I'm going to add in this seaweed

calcium I ordered this from Amazon and I

checked before I film this video because

I wanted to put the link for you guys

but right now it says that it's

currently unavailable I think this has

happened before and I'm probably just

gonna have to wait until it's back in

stock but one of these lasts me probably

six months and this is about $35 and I

do add this in just to make sure she's

getting enough calcium add one

tablespoon per pound of homemade dog

food so I usually add about 17 foods to

her food I'm also adding up a half a cup

of cooked white rice this is totally

optional I don't do this every time so

now that our food is done I'm going to

divide it up into these little

containers that I can put in the freezer

I do keep some in the fridge and I got

for a couple days but once it's cool I

will freeze them and then I could just

take one over the night before when I

know that she's low so first

I'm actually gonna dish some up for her

so she can have some now and it

we let this fool hey baby no no no zoom

though he knows that this is Hertz and

she loves it cool - honey - lit up there

God's try this because they also love it

like I used to just feed this to Maddie

and my mom's two dogs and kibble and

they would go insane for Maddy's food so

my mom actually started kind of

following this recipe as well and

feeding it to her two dogs and they

don't do really well on it they love it

of course she makes some changes because

they like some different things and

there's some vegetables that they don't

like and she actually does hers in slow

cooker so that way you don't have to

cook things separately you can just kind

of throw it all in there the one thing I

really do want to try one of these days

is cooking this in the instant pots and

the instant POTUS was to keep like all

the nutrition so I do want to experiment

and try that I'll let you know


oh just go home now okay just a couple

more seconds thank you guys so much for

watching I hope they learn something new

today and that you enjoy this video if

you liked my video go ahead and give me

a thumbs up down below and don't forget

to give that subscribe button and I'm

making new videos every week if you have

any questions or comments let us know

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