How To Get Rid Dog's Bad Breath by Home Remedies

thanks for tuning in today I am here

with my Vito Molly and we are going to

be talking about some bad breath home

remedies for dogs this is our chocolate

lab Sadie she loves coconut oil so she

is introducing our first remedy and that

is coconut oil coconut oil has natural

antibacterial properties antifungal

properties so it's great for killing the

germs that are in your dog's mouth that

cause bad breath you can use the oil as

a treat my dogs as you can tell love it

and they won't eat it off a spoon or if

I add it to their food they have and no

reserves about eating it at all so you

can just add a clump on top of the food

about a teaspoon to a tablespoon a day

depending on the size of your dog and

you can melt it too if you're dark a

little pickier you might just fell to

injuries look over his dinner apple

cider vinegar is another this is kind of

a cure-all I think I feel like I've

mentioned this in every home remedy

video that I do everything from fleas

and other parasites to dry skin and hot

spots apple cider vinegar makes my list

of home remedies quite often it is great

for bad breath it helps to neutralize

that odor so again you can have that

right to your dog's food this one has a

bit of more bitter taste so most dogs

won't just eat it you can also add it to

your dog's water about a tablespoon a

day or the average dog should do it

another great additive for dog's food is

parsley parsley is an herb that's well

known for fighting bagra so again you

can just buy fresh parsley or dried and

a sprinkle about a teaspoon on your

dog's food every day and that will help

curb bad breath you can also purchase

things over the counter for bad breath

one of them is probiotics a lot of times

back breath is actually caused by poor

gut health and if you think about it as

your gut is you know things are going on

down there that aren't really beneficial

for the body where is the odor coming


come back up through and beads a minute

through bad breath

so probiotics you can also buy dental

chews greenies is a company that comes

to mind

they sell specific times we'll choose

geared for dogs with extra bad breath

there are a bunch of different products

out there and different companies that

sell those so you can always check those

out as well I also like to do not just

the dental toys dental choose but dental

toys roll toys are great the fibers of

the room really get in and around the

teeth hard chews will also help with

molly's I don't know what she just wants

attention I think she is jealous let's

say he's sitting here but roll toys are

great hard choose the rubber choose

bones rawhides things like that are

great to really scrape the plaque and

tartar buildup off the teeth which helps

to aid in bad breath regular dental

cleanings are also really important for

the health of your dog's mouth not just

a bad breath but for his teeth and gums

but it certainly will help to prevent

bad breath

so regular dental things most

veterinarians recommend them once a year

but our chair vac have them check out

your dog and they will give you a

recommendation on that and finally the

absolute best thing that you can do to

help your dog's bad breath is to brush

their teeth daily they make these small

little finger brushes that go right on

the end of your finger you can use or

you can use a dog tooth brush do you

want to use a tooth brush that's

specifically for dogs as well as a

toothpaste that's specifically for dogs

for more information on how to brush

your dog's teeth click link below this

video that will take you to my guide on

rushing dog's teeth which shows you up a

little bit closer how to do that

properly you want to brush daily for the

best results if you don't have time to

do it daily every two to three days is

better than not at all and in between

brushings you can use the dental chew

lose some of the natural remedies like

coconut oil apple cider vinegar

probiotics the water additives things

like that to keep that plaque and tartar

buildup down again if you click the link

below this video it will take you to my

detailed guide and there's some

statistics on there from veterinary

dentists and the number of cases of

periodontal disease and dogs as young as

three years old is really astounding so

you know take care your dog's teeth

should not be overlooked so keep that in


brushing is definitely the number one

way to prevent bad breath and dogs if

you have any other questions feel free

to email me thanks for watching this

video guide

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