How To Keep Mini Schnauzer Dogs Paws Clean And Bright

okay I just want to talk a little bit
about dry shampoos which pretty much
means that on the fly if your dog gets
dirty at the end of the day if you let
them in your bed you don't want them to
tractor and everything else into your
bed or if you know you let them on the
furniture if you have problems with pee
stains on the coat any of these things a
dry shampoo is handy now I have to be
honest when I say that I don't use them
all that often because when you have a
full coat it is just so much easier to
give them an emergency pull back
emergency but bath to do a deep cleaning
facial usually they just pick up so much
dirt mud debris it's easier to wash them
but there are cases where I like to have
a dry shampoo now you can make your own
out of a little bit of water and your
favorite shampoo or you can buy a
commercial product sometimes I use the
proline self rinse plus it's a self
rinsing shampoo and a whitener I believe
it's by Chris systems and I believe it's
some kind of formulation of their white
on white shampoo so when I use this is
typically when we are traveling and I'm
unable to
put them in the bathtub or for the
dredit but no DS which pretty much means
you know you're brushing your dog out
and you lift up the tail and you find
the stinky little surprise which by the
way you know um I don't know if that's
the correct terminology but we call the
little supremacist under the tail but
nobody's in which case in which case if
it's really great not so much for the
body um you definitely don't want to
rinse your whole dog in this but it's
good for paws you have dirty paws at
night so you know pretty much what you
do is you spray a little bit of the
product onto the coat and you're gonna
rub it in it does make suds okay and you
rub it in you know until you're
confident that the issue is removed and
you take a paper towel or in my case a
hand towel you rinse it out and you're
all done
it depends on the level of dirtiness
what I like about the sufferings plus is
it removes the stinky smell from
surprises under the tail now when your
dog has got a bellyache and there's a
large amount of stinky surprise under
the tail I just give them an emergency
but baths put them in the bathtub with a
little bit of baby shampoo or their
regular shampoo and I rinse it out that
way some people don't like this product
I've heard it has an order
I don't smell an order to me this is
what's gonna work best for us
another type of dry shampoo is this
magic foam by Chris systems
and you shake it up and it makes a phone
which I like around the facial area
because you don't have to spray
something on your dog or in their eyes
and you work it into the facial firms
furnishings until you're confident that
it's clean I'm sorry I put away my hand
towel and you take your hand towel or
your paper towel and you absorb it off
the coat you brush it you're good to go
the magic foam is really great because
if you put any kind of product into the
dog like hairspray which sometimes I
will do if I'm going out and I want the
top not to stay or like I have a stick
them up which makes more like a hair gel
to hold the hair in place the magic foam
will remove it it removes odors also
around the face area you can use it
unpause but I like it for the face
because it does make the phone and I'm
able to be very precise where I apply it
and those are the only two dry products
that I like to use on my Shih Tzu and
the magic phone also comes in this it's
almost 2 liters which I order everything
in bulk so according to their label
eliminates odors eliminate dry itchy
skin and pet dander breaks down and
removes hair spray it does not leave a
residue it has optical brighteners so it
will make the coat more vibrant it's no
mess you can blow dry it out I just
prefer to absorb the product with a
towel and it's an instant no rinse coat
which I just keep I have a handy trial
size and I like to just refill this
little bottle I can put it right into my
purse take it with me on the go which
when you have a dog in full coat you
will find that you need to travel with
their haircare products so I know this
was a short video but I don't really
have too many cheats so to speak I
prefer just to bathe the dog if the mess
is really not containable so if you have
any questions feel free to let us know
and have a good day

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