How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated Essential For Health

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as you can see are dogs that enjoy

drinking out of the pet safe drink while

butterfly pat fountain this family you

know I have some large dogs drinking out

of it it really is made for small dogs

only it holds about 50 ounces of water

so it's definitely not made for multiple

dogs unless you have to really small

dogs there is a carbon filter that

removes impurities and bad taste from

the water and there's also a foam filter

that catches any hair debris dirt

anything like that that might be in the

water so it cleans the water the

benefits of fountains are that they

provide fresh circulated aerated water

which is more enticing for dogs to drink

so if you have a dog that doesn't really

like to drink and doesn't tend to drink

as much water as he should fountains are

a really great option that are

inexpensive and an easy fix for that I

like that this fountain is made of

bpa-free plastic it's designed to be

easy to clean without any nooks and

crannies you can see the circular design

when you pop the top off it's all

circular inside no little nooks and

crannies to try to get into really easy

to clean the pet safe drink while

butterfly fountain retails for $29.99 on

Amazon so as far as pet fountains go

it's very affordable again you know

definitely not a good option for medium

to large dogs or multi pack households

but if you just have one dog or cats

this is a really really great option for

that I've never have any other questions

about this fountain feel free to email

me thanks for watching this video review

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