How To Make Homemade Food for Diabetic Dogs

today I'm sharing recipe and the main
ingredients are chicken and rice we
usually hear about those ingredients
being used for dogs with a sensitive
stomach to try and get a sick dog to eat
and build up an appetite but today I'm
using them in a recipe that's actually
been recommended for diabetic dogs now
if you have a pet that's been diagnosed
with diabetes and you're looking to
switch him to a homemade diet be sure to
check with your veterinarian or k9
nutritionist before you make the switch
this recipe may be good for some dogs
may not be good for others you need to
talk to your vet bring me in this recipe
show it to them it's likely that they
will recommend adding additional
supplements or a multivitamin to ensure
that it's nutritionally balanced for
your dog that's not something that I can
tell you without evaluating your dog and
nobody would be able to tell you that so
you need to bring this into an expert
that you work with whether it's a canine
nutritionist or a veterinarian they can
walk you through that and ensure that
you're feeding your dog a balanced diet
to start this chicken and rice recipe I
have boiled one cup of water and I'm
going to add one cup of dry brown rice
half a tablespoon of coconut oil and a
quarter of a teaspoon of light salt I'm
just going to give this a little stir
and let it cook for about five minutes
until the rice is tender now that the
rice has had time to cook I'm going to
add the rest of my ingredients I have a
teaspoon of bone meal half a cup of
chopped green beans half a cup of
chopped carrots and half a cup of ground
chicken now I'm going to stir this up
again and I'm going to allow this to
cook for about another ten to fifteen
minutes that will allow the vegetables
to get tender and the chicken to cook
once it's finished cooking and
has time to cool you can feed it to your
pet I recommend feeding about a quarter
of a cup for every ten pounds of body
weight and that is just a recommendation
some dogs need more calories if they're
more active some dogs don't need quite
as many especially if you're using this
food for a diabetic dog as I said you
should consult your veterinarian or a
canine nutritionist for the best serving
size for your pup and also if you're
looking for recommendations on
supplements or multivitamins work with
an expert who can guide you in that as
well if you have any other questions
feel free to email me thanks for
watching this video recipe

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