How To Make Homemade Stew For Dogs With Sweet Potato And Beef

today I'm sharing a beat and sweet

potato stew that I make for my dogs

sometimes the recipe is really similar

to beef stew they even prepare for

people so if you've ever made a homemade

beef stew this is along the same lines

about as much work and this is a great

recipe for dogs that have some digestive

troubles if your pet isn't feeling well

if you're trying to get him to gain his

appetite back this is a really great

recipe that can be soothing on the

digestive tract and get him eating again

back to normal you can hear my microwave

running in the background I am cooking

the sweet potato in there right now so

you'll want to cook just one sweet

potato you can bake it if you want to I

throw mine right in the microwave and

then in a large frying pan on the

stovetop on medium heat you are going to

cook one pound of cubed stew me with one

tablespoon of coconut oil I'm just gonna

break up the stew meat a little bit and

you can cut this to me into smaller

pieces too if you have a small breed dog

this is for my chocolate lab Sadie so

I'm not worried about the larger pieces

she'll love that

so I'm just going to toss that around a

little bit every once in a while and

make sure that it's brown thoroughly

before I move on to the next step my

stew meat is finished cooking so now I'm

going to take it out of the pan and I'm

going to leave the drippings behind I'm

going to add half a cup of hot water and

a few tablespoons of all-purpose flour

to this the drippings from the beef and

I'm going to stir this around until it

makes a nice gravy it should make a nice

thick gravy if you need a little bit

more water feel free to add a little bit

more include at the consistency that you


and now I'm gonna add my ingredients

into the gravy so I'm gonna put the beef

back in I'm gonna add half a cup of

chopped carrots half a cup of chopped

green beans my sweet potato remember I

microwaved it so it's already cooked you

could bake it too so you just want to

make sure it's already cooked and then

I'm just gonna toss this around I'm

gonna put a lid on it and just cook it

for about maybe I don't know eight to 10

minutes on low just until the carrots

and the green beans tenderize a little

bit once it's cooled you can serve it to

your dog

I recommend serving about a half a cup

for every 20 to 25 pounds of body weight

keep in mind that more active dogs are

going to need more calories while these

new breeds may not need as many so the

best thing that you can do is to check

with your veterinarian about the best

serving size for your dog and they'll

probably also recommend a multivitamin

or some supplements to make this meal

nutritionally balanced for your pop

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