Use Pro Line Self Rinse Shampoo To Spray On Dogs Feet When It's Muddy

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hey guys I'm about to let my dogs in
from outside it's been raining here in
Michigan for the past couple hours and I
thought I'd share with you the no rent
shampoo I use when their feet get muddy
their beards are money from rain or just
digging in the dirt and show you how
well it cleans can't remember the name
of it I'll have to insert a picture of
the name of the nohrin shampoo good you
can see draining out here and out by my
house is all dirt and then along by the
funds there's dirt so come on guys
thought I'd show you how this works but
I'll insert a picture right here um with
the name of the product okay so I
usually put a towel down on my washer so
I'm not bending over constantly with
four dogs cleaning their feet stick them
up here get my solution that I've mixed
into a you take about but I put about a
quarter of the bottle of the solution
and fill the rest with water shake it up
anyways I spray this on their paws front
back and I can just rub it a little bit
just to loosen up the dirt and sometimes
I wear rubber gloves because this can
get pretty nasty as you can see the dirt
already on my hands when I take a towel
just kinda massage the dirt off this
stuff works great it's not sticky
afterwards someone know where the
shampoos I've used are have like a
sticky residue um
afterwards on the paw but this one
doesn't at all and it works great to get
the feet clean this stuff's good too for
dogs who have allergies to ponds or
grass um it helps to keep them from
licking their feet so much if you can
spray their feet when they come in and
wipe it off
anyways here's the this is what would
have been trapped in my house if I want
to wipe their feet off with this stuff
you can also use this stuff on their
beards my dogs like to sniff of course
and get their faces in the UM dirt just
kinda I'm gonna get a new spot on my
towel and spray down their beard and
wipe it off it helps keep it and if you
feed your dog wet foods this is good
like after they eat their dinner or
breakfast um cleaning their faces off
keep their beard smelling fresh but you
can see a little bit of dirt was in his
beard anyways I thought this was a good
product done I thought I'd share it with
you let me know if you end up using it
thanks bye okay I cannot insert a photo
um but I did found out its proline cell
front plus shampoo you can buy it on
cherrybrook comm or Amazon um I noticed
a yeah I get the gallon size but I
noticed they also have a size about the
size of my squirt bottle here but you do
want to dilute it I do about a quarter
bottle with what and then the rest water
will last you a long time especially if
you get the gallon size unlike me was
for dogs
um I use a little bit more frequently
plus I'm a neat freak so I hate when
they track in dirt so I use it a lot um
but anyways it is called proline self
rinse plus shampoo you can get it on
cherrybrook comm or Amazon thanks

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