Which Plants That May Be Toxic To Your Pets

there are so many outdoor plants that
dogs and cats could be exposed to that
can cause problems if you think about it
plants can't run away so the way they
protect themselves is basically through
chemical warfare
so they contain these compounds that can
cause severe signs in animals if you
think of something like foxglove or
lily-of-the-valley these contain
compounds that can actually affect the
heart slows it down stops it and they
could die
you bushes another thing very common up
north because they stay green year-round
also affect the heart azaleas
rhododendrons you know laurels all these
beautiful flowering plants can all be
very very dangerous to our pets the good
news is in most of these exposures dogs
or cats are only going to eat a mouthful
or two and not have severe signs unlike
a grazing animal like a horse or a cow
that could actually eat enough to cause
severe signs however if you suspect your
animal has chewed on one of these plants
you need to give your veterinarian a
call immediately

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