🐈How To Bathe a Cat?Why You Can Not Use Human Shampoo on Cats?

most human shampoo is not made to be

used on a cat and in some cases regular

human shampoo can even be harmful to

your cat the only decent cat shampoo

alternative is baby shampoo but even

baby shampoo has its drawbacks that's

why you should always use a specially

formulated cat shampoo to gently cleanse

your cat and to protect their health if

you'd like to know which cat shampoo

works best we have a few recommendations

in the video description one reason why

human shampoo can be harmful to a cat is

because it can contain a wide range of

chemicals like fragrances and additives

that aren't commonly used in cat shampoo

and some of these substances can even

end up being toxic to cats in addition

the pH of most regular human shampoo is

usually far too acidic for a cat's skin

a good cat shampoo will usually have a

neutral pH that will ensure that your

cat's naturally alkaline skin doesn't

become unbalanced human shampoo can also

strip the protective oil layer off your

cat which can cause their skin and fur

to dry out this is especially true for

kittens since they have very thin skin

that is less resilient than that of an

adult cat if you don't have any cat

shampoo then baby shampoo can be a good

cat shampoo alternative since it's much

gentler on a cat's skin and baby shampoo

won't irritate their eyes when you give

your cat a bath even though baby shampoo

is gentler than regular human shampoo it

can still remove the protective layer of

oil off of your cat's fur which can lead

to excessive shedding especially in

long-haired cats that's why you should

always use a cat shampoo whenever you

give your cat a bath since cat shampoos

usually contain aloe and other

protective oils that most human shampoos

lack these ingredients can help protect

the cat's delicate skin and they can

even help heal dry damaged skin and

prevent any shedding problems your cat

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