How To Chosse All-natural Ingredients Dog Grooming Supplies|Baely's

I've got an awesome giveaway this week

this is a package of dog grooming

products from Bailey as Andy what the

giveaway includes is their Pasha this is

in a tin and they also have the pashya

rescue stick with us which is

essentially the same type of paw balm

but it's in like a giant chapstick so

you roll it and just rub it on very easy

to use they also have the nose and

Calais hydrating balm their ear cleaner

and a finishing spritz to freshen your

dog and kind of keep them nice and shiny

and clean between baths so all of these

products come together in the giveaway

they're all natural made with human

grade ingredients all the Elysee

products are made in the USA as well and

they're all safe to ingest so if for

example your pup licks his paw or his

nose after you put some ball on it's

totally safe you don't wanna just let

him eat it but if you you don't get to

him in time and he looks a little bit

totally safe this entire giveaway is

worth over $80 it's a really easy to win

all you have to do is jump on to our

Facebook page first you have to light

our top dog tips facebook page and then

at the very top there is a pin post for

this giveaway like it comment on it or

share it as long as you're a u.s.

resident and you like our top dog tips

page you will be eligible to win the

giveaway and we will notify you via

facebook if you're the winner good luck

and thanks for tuning in

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