How To Make Homemade Flea Shampoo for Cats

hi guys welcome back to my channel and

today I'm going to show you how to make

homemade flea treatment shampoo for your


I made one a long time ago for your dogs

but I didn't make one for a cat you got

to be careful with what you're buying

over the counter at these grocery stores

even some of the pet stores because

they're unsafe a lot of those things are

very unsafe they have been known to

actually be fatal to some animals so

this is natural asmat pretty much as

natural as you can get and it's not

going to harm your animal at all so in

here I have four cups of warm water just

water and to that I'm going to add one

cup of apple cider vinegar and then one

cup of Dawn dish soap which is safe they

use it on animals all the time and then

I'll just stir it up to get it evenly

distributed you can use whatever kind of

dawn dish so if you have to like the

most people use the blue but I use the

green one because that's what I have and

it works the same and then I just have

these mason jars big me scissors here

and you're just going to fill them up

as you can see this makes quite a bit of

soap so just put your lid on it and it's

helpful if you put a little label on

there so always remember this four parts

water one part vinegar in one part soap

so yeah if you remember that you can

make smaller amounts of this if you want

or make it like this this is safety is

every day on your animal if you needed

to I recommend if your cat is infested

with fleas to do it like every second

day or so and then yeah there you go

this helps and I hope this video helps

thanks for watching

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