How To Prevent Periodontal Disease In Adult Dogs|How Often to Brush Dog's Teeth

I'm Samantha and this is Thor and today

I wanted to answer a question that I am

asked quite often and that is how often

should you brush your dog's teeth so

first of all there are a couple of

different ways to rush your dog's teeth

standard toothbrush but you want to make

sure that you buy a toothbrush for dogs

you can see this one's angled a little

bit there's a big cut on one side and a

smaller cut on the other these are made

specifically for dogs they also have

these finger brushes to make it a little

bit easier as well to get inside your

dog's mouth and scrub his teeth and you

want to use a toothpaste made

specifically for dogs if you want more

information on the actual process of

brushing your dog's teeth I have made a

video guide with step-by-step

instructions on how to do that so if you

click the link below this video it will

take you to our website where you can

get more information on how to brush

your dog's teeth but as far as how often

experts recommend of course to brush

your dog's teeth daily if that is at all

possible periodontal disease is seen in

a vast majority of dogs over the age of

three and not only is it bad obviously

for a dog's dental health but it affects

his daily quality of life if your dog

has her teeth think of what it's like

when you have a cavity how much pain

you're in it affects your sleep it

affects how you eat how much you eat

when you eat how often you've me so it

affects your dog's quality of life and

it can also have major effects on his

overall health periodontal disease has

been linked to some very serious health

conditions including heart disease so

it's really important to care for your

pets teeth if you can brush them daily

that's great if you can't experts most

experts to usually recommend at least

two to three times a week to prevent

serious dental problems now the plaque

and tartar still gonna build up on your

dog's teeth it's not as great as daily

brushing but two to three times a week

should prevent most major issues so if

you can do the two three times a week

that is the next best thing and they

also recommend you having your dog's

teeth professionally cleaned once a year


that does mean a visit to the vet they

will put your dog under anesthesia and

do a thorough cleaning it's just like

when you go to the dentist and have your

teeth cleaned they scraped all that

plaque and tartar buildup off the teeth

clean gum line all of that good stuff to

make sure your dog is in good dental

health if you have any other questions

feel free to email me thanks for

watching this video guide

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