How To Wash A Kitten Without Making It Scared

and here we have the kittens first bad

what you do is you fill up a sink with a

little bit of water and let the cat roam

around think until it gets comfortable

with the situation next step play with

the water show the kitten that just

water bring your hand up let her smell

it put some on her paw maybe on her body

don't let her jump off now she

understands she's getting wet but she's

not fully soaked it's just she's not

afraid yet now you hopefully your cat

will just decide to jump into the water

and love it but most cats don't so what

you're gonna have to do is put it in

there nice and slow

so she gets comfortable with one Oh

another steps you get your hands wet

pick up the kitten and let it hover

under water she looks at the situation

better paws in and that's you meow if

you want to do is see if she'll stand in

there on her own as you can see she's a

little scared if that's the case simply

hold her in a comfortable position okay

now just pour water on her you can use a

small cup I'll use my hand you see how

comfortable the kitchen is now if you're

kidding decides to scratch and run she's

thinking about doing you can always grab

them right here behind the neck and they

just basically get paralyzed and you can

still hold them nice and easy give them

a wash and they understand what's going

on and they feel safe when they're

paralyzed because you know you're doing

it for a reason

just go with it once you've gotten the

kids fully wet you can just go ahead on

the let it sit in the sink and it will

examine a situation again it understands

you're not hurting it if you take your

time while you do this it will make her

comfortable with the situation for a

future bath now she's gonna try to get

out I'm gonna keep her in here just try

to wash her I'm gonna use some Dawn dish

though so I let the kitten sit out if

she wants to while I keep moving her

body down here into water get the Dawn

dish soap everywhere I can and one more

thing if you remember when we started we

had two water ready and we didn't have

the water running if you bring the cat

in here and the waters running she's

gonna hear the noise she's gonna see the

movement to try to run away with fear we

didn't let this cat watch the water fill

up from a distance so she understood the

water was blowing but she wasn't near it

to freak out so when we did bring her

close by she kind of had an idea of the

situation so again he's going to get

everywhere you can avoid getting any

water in the ears the mouth and the eyes

you want to wash everything down and

then the head area are nice and easy and

when you're done washing the cat you can

go ahead and just get all the soap off

of her by pouring the water that you

already have what I like to do is get

rid of that and allow the cat to

understand flowing water right now her

heart just started beating even more but

she feels comfortable she's not trying

to run

make it warm you let her see it hit her


now I'm not holding her tight she's just

relaxed and trusting me right now keep

something new to her the first bath

she'd ever had I'm holding your leg

above in the neck everywhere I can just

standing right there alongside there Wow

and pretty much put wrap them up in a

towel dry them up maybe good to go and

they get cold really she's shivering

right now but she'll be fine

and here you have the finished product

one clean kitten shivering in the

blanket waiting for your love so you

want to dry them off nice and easy and

let the cat walk away she'll dry

yourself off might take 20 minutes to an

hour but she'll be fine and back to

playing in no time thanks for watching

magic J teaching you how to clean a cat

spur-of-the-moment video

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