🔥The Insight Of How To Wash Your Cat

uh hi again but today we have a video

kind of like one of the other ones we

did this one was requested because

people were confused on the gender of

animal so there's a gender of cat and

dog don't be confused between male and

female that is not gender that is uh

that's something completely defense for

another video and so today we're going

to be teaching you how to wash your cat

now like the last time I tell people to

keep electronics in their pockets please

don't do that

some people tries it and then end up to

over them so what you want is you want a

you don't have okay you don't don't wear

a t-shirt I'm wearing mine for the

younger viewers because they can't see

you know that stuff and I'm really white

make sure we're short you don't have to

feel want to I and socks

don't forget the socks alright now in

the dog one you got in the bath first

for this one you make you want you make

sure you grab the cappers she's already

trying to escape cats actually love that

please keep it a secret and they are

always eager to get in the back so can't

you quit excitement so first what you do

is you sit down and you put the cat in

the back and see everybody is happy

happy can't you hear the excitement now

now the cat is in the bath it's all wet

we're having a great time can't you see

their rooms excited almost as excited as

a dog um so you make sure you want to

get some water

Oh hold the cat up because they are not

agile swimmers um make sure holding Plus

you face here oh okay okay then if they

have a clause it might not be a good

situation for you but that's alright it

gives you're caring person so I grab

some water you just wanna you want to

pet them oh my gosh bad idea uh I'm the

baddest you Oh God okay so make sure

make sure to put them back in human

kisses make sure to make them feel good

you good you good you good homey gonna

have this back okay ow

oh if you bleed it's alright so make

sure to keep heading washing the Hat

someone might happen but then that's

that's just part of the process um a

good way of washing them they love that

um just like the dog going to make sure

to get your hair wet

now that you're wet it all up happy oh

okay um they might try to escape the

wrong way they're not that intelligent

uh so they were very happy no there are

very happy creatures uh you want to make

sure to love them and if you don't and I

don't really know so make sure to take

your socks off and in the process and

they are now the cat socks they actually

they actually keep the color they keep

the claws inside so they don't really

damage you and uh you know so you want

to do that for protection for your safe

see this really hurts just make sure

they don't get anywhere near your neck

with the claws that could be the

dangerous part and uh you know oh all


you know ah don't wash your cat it's a

it's a bad idea I have a couple cuts on

my shoulder I can feel the blood I'm

gonna go now um thank you for watching

uh um I go to a hospital now there might

not be another video and no animals were

harmed in the making of this video oh my

god oh oh oh oh look at that cut

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