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pay doubts welcome back to less health

I'm Tatiana and today we're gonna talk

about how the waist trainer sometimes

crunches at the back and it can be

uncomfortable so why that happens and

what you can do about it so this was

actually a question that was asked to me

by Kim and our Lux dolls waist training

group and if you're not a part of that I

encourage you to join a link it down

below for you it's over 8,000 women on

Facebook who are all sharing motivating

talking about waist training so it's

really fine and it definitely keeps you

motivated so she was asking these a lot

of dolls were concerned about this and

so she was kind of asking me because she

wanted to help everyone else there's a

few different reasons number one could

be because you bought the wrong torso

size so your torso is basically from

under your bust down to about this area

kind of like about your hip bone area

that's your torso length and at luxe

health we offer three different torso

lengths for our traditional waist

trainers so we have short torso which is

nine inches we have medium torso which

is eleven point five inches and we have

long torso which is fourteen inches so

if you're someone like myself I am a

short torso I don't remember how many

inches my torso is but I got the 9 inch

oyster because that's what we have 9

inches and so this fits me perfectly

this is where my waist trainer ends

right here and this is where it starts a

little bit hard to see with the contrast

because there's no contrast of the black

but you can see this is a 11 inch torso

starts here and ends right there so it's

actually much longer you got the extra

inches here so if I were to wear this

you can imagine on my butt it would

either cover my butt or the fabric would

pull up and scrunch up and then my butt

would be free so it's either going to

cover it or it's going to push up my

boobs and be uncomfortable under my

boobs or I pull it down and then it

covers my butt or the material kind of

scrunches that which makes it even more

uncomfortable so you can imagine the

waist chain or the back bending like

that and so that's one thing that could

happen so that's why it's important to

measure your torso size make sure you

have the right waist trainer

sometimes people have you know like a

10-inch torso and so they buy the medium

torso East Room but actually the short

torso would have been more suitable so

always contact us if you have any

questions you know we're happy to

contact you back so email info Lux

health calm or just go to our website

and contact us via the contact us page

ok the next three thing is if you have a

big booty so if you are blessed in the

rear then what can happen is although

the waist trainer fits you from the

front so on the front

it's like perfect it covers the pooch

it's like the perfect link but then in

the back what happens is because your

booty is high then again the same thing

happens with the waist trainer it starts

to scrunch up and it's not the right fit

so that's just kind of another reason

but there's not much you can do about

that because that's your body and you

kind of have to decide do I want then a

waist trainer that completely covers my

stomach or can I get a waist trainer

that doesn't cover my stomach as much

and I would actually recommend going

with the shorter torso then because what

you can do is instead of having the

waist trainer start right here you can

just pull it down a bit more you can

pull it down a bit more and then it can

continue to cover your stomach and the

last reason that you might be

experiencing the scrunching at the back

is if your lower back is really curved

so this is an anatomical thing with your

spine so if you know you really have a

curved spine that's just inevitably the

waist trainer is gonna shape to the

spine it's gonna stick to the spine and

so it's going to form there and it's

going to have some creasing and so a lot

of times people maybe with scoliosis

might experience that or just people who

have you know a lot of times you know

some people they walk like this all the

time I remember when I was growing up I

had this neighbor I remember she would

always walk like this like really with

her chest out and I guess it's kind of

good posture but not really because she

would curve her back so much and so by

doing that as a child continuously she

kind of that's now how she is she always

walks like that's permanent so she has a

very curved lower back so I guess that's

just another reason so

not much you can do with the last two

options I mean the best advice I can

give you is if it's uncomfortable try

and see if you can get maybe a shorter

torso that might help you a little bit

always wear a tank top underneath

because if you're not wearing a tank top

that rippling can feel uncomfortable

there but if you wear a tank top like a

thicker tank top it's kind of like a

cushioning and so those ripples won't

feel as uncomfortable and yeah that's

pretty much all the advice I can give

you it's just something that sometimes

happens to people but also just keep in

mind like if the waist trainer is

fitting you perfectly

there usually won't be rippling at the

back okay so my waist trainer right now

has no rippling it fits me well all

right dolls

thanks for watching this video take care

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