The Definitive Guide On Cat Grooming 101

hi my name is kendra otto and i'm an

international consultant for the antis

company today we're going to talk about

cat grooming at home and what tools you

should use to make it a successful

experience for your cat

for starters you want to trim the nails

to make sure that you don't get

scratched by really sharp cat nails in

case they don't like grooming for

brushing I like the rubber tip coated

pin brush to make sure it glides through

the coat really well and gets out some

of the undercoat after brushing you want

to follow up with a coarse tooth comb

and a fine toothed comb making sure that

there's steel to reduce static then I

like to follow up with a flea comb which

is not only meant for fleas but you can

use it on some of the shorter haired

areas like the face and down the legs to

reduce the amount of undercoat that they

have flighted flowing around the house

if you have a matted cat we have several

options of blades 4matic cats I would

use a number 10 blade and if they're an

extreme case I would use a number 30

blade we also have for a longer haircut

a 7fc and these blades are specific cat

blades with the egt technology to make

cat grooming a lot easier

if you're looking for a longer

attachment comb trim I recommend the

steel combs

so let me show you how to use these

tools on our rag doll friend Mackenzie

first we're going to start off by

clipping the nails

pressed between the toes to make sure

that we expose that toenail

now that we've clipped the nails we're

going to move on to clipping the hair on

the bottoms of the feet

and using my ultra edge clipper with my

30 cats late on it and I'm just going to

skim across the top of the pads I'm not

actually going to dig between the

webbing because if you do that you're

going to end up cutting the webbing the

reason why I do this is because it helps

reduce the amount of cat litter that's

tracked out of the cat box

after that I'm going to come in and just

tidy up the bottom of the foot with my


it's gonna round out underneath

use my brush

kind of fluff up some of that code on

top of the foot

and trim off

some of these long hairs

and I put the foot down on the table

and round out the foot

see how we have that nice finished cat

foot now when you decide to brush your

cat make sure that you brush all the way

down to the skin so you want to push the

coat back and line brush this will help

get any of the extra undercoat and mats

out of your kitty

and make sure that you lift up get the

underside of the kitty the armpit the

belly area some cats will let you roll

them over some aren't so tolerant

so after you've brushed and got some of

the undercoat out of your cat you want

to make sure that you go over with

coarse teeth and then fine teeth always

using the steel teeth on your comb

because if you use plastic you're going

to get a very big staticky mess and your

cats probably going to get a little

angry with you because the comb will get


you can see the hair that it's pulling

out and now this is all dead coat it's

not live coat that's going to cause any

harm with the animal to follow up you

want to use the flea comb on the head

and down the leg areas some of the

shorter area getting some of the

undercoat out

make sure you get behind the ears

and again just the finest undercoat

comes out

so now we're going to clipper the body

of our cat what I've done is I've

changed the blade length to a number 10

and I put on a steel magnetic attachment

comb on a 10 blade setting the reason

why I'm using an attachment comb on

Mackenzie is because I want a longer

comb cut and she's also 16 years old so

I don't want to expose how thin she is

underneath so I'm going to turn on my

clipper on a low speed setting and the

reason why I'm doing the low speed

setting is because I want to make sure

that she's not afraid of the Clipper and

the reason why I'm reversing the

attachment comb is because I'm trying to

get a shorter yet presentable clipper on

the kitty a lot of times when you group

a cat and you leave there Colbert coat

longer with an attachment comb it kind

of looks like a child took scissors to

the coat and gets really choppy

go with the grain to to try to get some

of that length off

now if you were to clipper this Kitty

and you actually wanted to use a 10

blade or a 7 blade a much shorter blade

you want to make sure that you're

careful in their armpit area by the rear

end and the back of the legs because the

skin is very thin in those areas

especially the loin in the belly area

and you can really get the skin caught

between the teeth of the blade and Knick

your cat

so as you see

the difference in our clipper work

how nice and long and full the coat

still looks versus what we've not

clipped you can see the difference

between the shorter and the longer

something a little bit easier

maintainable for the pet owner at home I

hope you've learned a lot with all of

the tools that we choose to use on

grooming cats


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