🔥Daily Grooming Routine for White Persian Cat

so this is just a quick video on what I do to keep its good looking good every day so um it's gonna be I'm doing his face cleaning his eyes and also giving them a brush as well so this is just what we do every day now I'm gonna start with cleaning his eyes I use one of these little reusable cloths that used to use little cotton pads and but just because this is reusable so there's less waste just use one of these every day so I can clean them so to start off we're going to use their stuff called imv and so this is just a liquid basically to remove the brown staining that he can get around his eyes so it's just bought a really small amount on the cloth just to make it damp and you know don't want to soak so he's facing it basically and then what we're gonna do is basically just rub the hair around his eyes and so you can just rub outwards in the same direction of the hair and then you can rub against as well just to get right down to the skin staining off and then on the other side as well and obviously this is something that I've done with Epke since he was a kid so he's really good and he lets me do it it's really important to get cuts like these they're gonna need a lot of grooming used to it from a young age and otherwise you it's gonna be a lot more difficult when they're older to be doing this everyday there we go so that's the first step and what I like to do is just to give that a bit time just to dry so while we're waiting for that we will give him a brush so I have a comb and and just like a normal part of wash that I like to use so what I tend to start doing is just and using the comb to get any mats out in the hair and I just follow the line of the hair growth so I'm just gonna do this nice and quickly just to show you just as well right down the body oh boy his tail the box is like some these little pantaloons got some grass on you there if you guys can hear that I can move it guys herring now so we obviously enjoys and brushed yeah show you but to the camera and then obviously mustn't forget you barely I'm at that yeah boy yeah so once you've got all the mats up with a comb can escape and then what you want to do is actually get your brush and you brush towards the head so against the the way the fur grows so it's basically like back combing and what this does is make sure you've gone right down to the skin so you getting all that and there to coat it off it also makes them look super fluffy which is always a good as well so he looks super handsome by the end she's what we want mm-hmm obviously if you've got like a grooming table or something like that sometimes that can make it a bit easier and but most see you're probably just gonna be some seats and like bears you know she sat on the bed pushing that's good before bed so you go right up the backs of those legs minders tail you're just basically aiming towards the head hmm yes simple so obviously I've done this that quick for the video that's the general result we get and you get covered in hair it's always good to put something on unique fabulous so now we've given them lovely brush and he's looking out fluffy we're gonna go back to those eyes so hopefully we have dried off just a little bit so and we're going to be using another I am the product this is the powder this time and so what that does is obviously and it dries dries the fur and the skin and it does reduce risk of any and sort of infections and the skin and if this again stays moist all the time so what we're gonna do I've just got a normal like makeup brush you can get imv to do their own special brush and you basically just apply the powder around the eyes and if your cat and particularly gets staining on their chin as well then you can use this product on their on their chin as well my attention is just get my finger then and just rub it into the crevices this face so that's generally what I would do on a daily basis and sometimes I think he needs a little bit extra like that that staining is just being a little bit stubborn and then I've also got this product called bio groom which is basically a little bit like face paint for his face and but this works really well to combat any any brown staining so what I tend to do is just like a white face paint just pop a bit on my finger and again we're just adding it over that eye area like that with my finger the other side as well and then it comes with this little butchers basic like a little eyebrow brush and then so basically you can just brush it in like that see you just sort of making sure you get good coverage so you're brushing it out like that so it kept every hair and then you can use like the soft one still rub it in as well there we go perfect well there you have it one very handsome fluffy cat obviously I always end a grooming session on a treat so we'll go get you a little dreamy now for being such a good boy and that's it so anyway

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