🔥Guide On How to Give a Kitten a Flea Bath

Okay, hi, everybody! This is Hannah, and this is Katherine. She's a kitten lady volunteer And here we have Munchkin! And Munchkin is a new rescue that I got today. So we're just looking at her and cleaning her up We just cleaned out her ears And then I got out my flea comb. So if you have a flea comb at home And you get a kitten you can comb through them And you can do it reverse, or you can do it Straight down And you might find that you see some dirt on them if you see like little black specks That is flea dirt which means that they at one point at least had fleas But you might also see active fleas which I saw on her So what we're gonna do right now Is we're going to get her cleaned up with a bath For flea treating kittens I don't recommend using a chemical treatment because their bodies are so small and vulnerable So what I do is a flea bath. I love that she's purring, she has no idea what's about to come We have comfortably warm water running And then I have my natural Dish liquid Which is unscented And this is going to help break down the bodies of the fleas And also wash them off of her, so she's not gonna have fleas anymore First thing that I do is create a ring of soap around their neck So that the fleas can't travel up and get onto her head Because once this fleas discover what's going on, they're very smart! And they will say "Oh, I know. I'm going to come up and I'm gonna scape" So we're going to just take some soap And I'm going to create a ring around her neck So I always just create a sudsy ring first and this acts as like a Kind of a fence to say "No fleas shall pass" So now that she's got that soapy ring We'll be able to kill all the fleas from here down And then the head up. We're gonna have to do kind of like a Spa treatment And I'm avoiding her face, but I'm making sure I get into all the nooks and crannies I know baby, I'm sorry Okay, so her whole body is sudsy And those fleas should all be dead now And then we're just going to rinse So make sure your water is comfortably warm I'm just gonna rinse. I'm sorry Munchkin Alright. She's gonna feel better after this. She is gonna feel better. Okay, you want to get the towel ready for me? And immediately dry, so Katherine's gonna dry her off And then you want to make sure that they're warm right away because It's very difficult for them to regulate their body temperature So nice and warm So now I'm just going to use these cotton rounds to do her head So just a little bit of the soap on there, but we want to be avoiding The sensitive bits So avoiding the area around her eyes And I'll just kind of Sponge bath Oh! Just kidding. Oh, oh, oh! I got it! Again I squish him dead and then he goes down in the sink That's all the dirt and blood From her being bit by fleas Kind of rinsing her Getting all those dead fleas off Eewww. Yuck. Gross Yucky! They're really sensitive to fleas because they can become anemic so easily So you do want to take it really seriously if you see fleas on a kitten We're gonna dry her little head off You can actually just go through again and kind of give them the old We gon give her a blowout, like when you go to the salon and you get a blowout Okay, so she is nice and clean and we combed through her So she shouldn't have any more fleas and now we are going to dry her off with a Gentle Blow-dry So you want to make sure that it is NOT on hot That it's on a low setting and you're doing it from kind of far away All right, so we're gonna burrito her right up with a nice clean blanket. She's nice and dry. She's flea free And now Katherine is just gonna kind of hold on to her and make her nice and warm until we feel like she's feeling all the way better. And this is the best way to Flea treat these little teeny tiny guys so that they don't have to have that chemical treatment Munchkin says Thank you! Is nice to be clean
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