🔥How to Groom a Long Haired Cat 101

hi I'm Rita Peterson with everything homemade and owner and operator of Kitty's home away from home near Grand Prairie Alberta I'm going to dedicate part of my youtube channel to cat grooming how to take care of your cat so what to do with a pregnant cat kittens basically cat health with my personal experience now if you have any problems with your cat please seek veterinarian advice so this is just what I do here at Kitty's home away from home so if there is an issue please see veterinarian advice now we have Beaulieu here I was trying to eat my brushes and we have Leo here and Leo is probably a Maine Coon cross and as you can see he sheds a lot of hair so I'm going to teach you today how to groom a long-haired cat so Leo loves being loved now there's different kind of brushes this is a slicker brush this is a pin brush and this is a greyhound Cole now in my years of grooming I used to be a groomer before I got married and I groomed a lot of dogs professionally and we did a lot of cats one of my favorites is this metal comb right here called a greyhound Cole found at the most pet stores so what happens is hey Leo you ready for this oh you love it what happens when you groom if you want to get close up heroship when you grew a long haired cat you want to reach the skin what happens with brushes like this you not necessarily get right down to the skin especially if it's a heavy coated cat sometimes you're just grooming the surface and then you wonder why your cats all matted with a comb I can go around the ears I can just gently hold him and I can split apart his hair so I know I'm getting everything right down to the skin and it doesn't hurt him at all but what you want to do is you always groom around the around the ears because that's a high spot to get matted is right around the ears under the chin now you want to just hold up the chin and groom underneath oh you're such looking such a good boy leo and just keep on going kind of work with your cat if your cat likes it over here or over here leo has been here for about two weeks now he's going home soon but we want to make him nice and spiffy for his owner so his owners can have a cat that's all been well groomed and you can see I'm just kind of pulling the hair as I go and making sure that I get everywhere the other part that is usually matted is their bub area so I'm just gonna work my way take some of this hair out and work my way oh yeah don't blame your hair I know it becomes toys doesn't it and kind of work with your cat so if your cat is stretching out all get his tail over here oh he's moving over a bit trying to eat his helm hair don't do that Leo that's not a toy okay now I'm gonna get a side Oh does that feel good you feel good Leo and so with cats it's a little bit different than grooming a dog because the dog you can lift up a little better but if cats I find just working with them if they're stretched out get their bum area because he's too busy looking at my and my brushes get yeah did you get me and and when they're done they're done don't force it because you don't want them to hate grooming yeah good boy Leo oh yeah and so he's sticking out his bum here so now I'm just gonna get his bum area oh yeah hey are you heading to the food dishes oh I think he's hungry so he's hungry right now so again take the opportunity he's willing to eat some food finish your grooming make it a positive time for him I don't think he knows exactly what he wants besides that he is just burnt like crazy oh you want that brush okay and again here's the belly you don't like your belly getting too bad so he doesn't like his belly so I'm just gonna rub his belly because I think he's kind of getting into a frisky mode I heard you leo and so and he also was trying to bite so that tells me nope we're not gonna get to his belly today and I'm not going to stress him out at all and we don't want to do that so we got a pretty good brushing and he's also in a little bit of a play mode today he's got his tail going he wants to play with onyx over here but basically the biggest part is get around those ears get around his neck I think you're done Elia make sure you get around his bum underneath his legs where his armpits are and and do that with a lawn care cat and this has got to be the best tool it costs you about $9 Canadian I find it at most pets pet stores and look at the hair we got out just with that simple grooming so it's pretty easy as long as you got a cooperative cat to groom it so it doesn't become matted and so you don't have to take it to a vet or to a groomer to be completely shaved now if you do have a mad at cat it hurts those mats pull at that skin okay but it's just like having this ball of fur and if I wind it up and wind it and wind it it becomes tight and that's what a Mac does so if this is connected let's say this is the cat skin if this is connected to the skin it's going to get tighter and tighter where it's just gonna pull at the skin it gets red it gets um it can cause a rash it can also cause a burn underneath where it just it's really painful so if I take my comb and I under that really tight math and I pull it I start can rip at their skin and I can cause a lot of damage plus a lot of pain so please it's important if your cat is completely matted take it to a groomer where they can take a clipper go right underneath that mat pop it right off and start again so it's not so painful for your cat and then keep up with the brushing because that is really important how to do that now if the mats are if you're able to get underneath with a greyhound comb greyhound combs are awesome you are not going to deem at a cat with these take this if you can get underneath that mat and kind of work at it a little bit and the cat lets you it's not causing a lot of pain then you can get that mat out and I will demonstrate getting a mat out if I see a mass on a calf here at qts home away from home I always take them out for the owner especially if they are light mats I make sure I can take them out because I know how to do it properly and if once I get a mad at cat with a little bit of mats here there and a cooperative cat - I will show you how to take those mats out where it doesn't hurt the cat and you can save yourself a trip to the groomer and the bill if you have any questions comment that's how you do a long-haired cat you

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