How to TrainDog to Be Alone and Reduce Separation Anxiety

getting a new dog is great i mean it's one of the most exciting things ever and if you're like most people you'll get a new dog when you have some extra time to devote to them but ultimately there comes a time when your dog has to be comfortable being left alone i'm going to show you some things you can do that will definitely help you make progress on that in this video we've teamed up with furbo dog camera which is a really great device that might help make this process a lot smoother for you and many dogs but it's not necessarily required furbo is a dynamic treat tossing motion alerting bark detecting artificially intelligent two-way communication full hd camera that will help you keep your dog happy and safe we might be experiencing the future of dog training oh goodness does that mean people aren't gonna need dog trainers anymore you can use furbo to modify your dog's behavior or you can use it just because it's extremely cool let's cover some ways that you can help your dog be more confident and relaxed while you're away you look pretty confident and relaxed right now that's for sure when you first introduce your dog to furbo you should go very slowly and it's brand new to inertia so i'm going to show you the process that i go through to get my own dog comfortable with verbo verbo makes an electronic sound when it tosses treats that can cause skepticism with some dogs but there's usually a way to protect against that by going through these easy steps in the spirit of going slowly my first order of business is to just have the furbo make the sound and let inertia know that that equals her getting a treat in other words there are no treats in here right now so it's going to play a sound it sounds kind of like so for right now i'm going to make sure i have some distance between the furbo and her and she's not on leash she's free to come and go as she pleases right now so you can see we get this live feed right here on the furbo setup and you actually tap this yes good see i'm just going to give her a treat manually right now i want to really break this down you really want to just assume your dog's going to be sensitive to it although most dogs really learn to love this so i'm just going to run through this a few times organically that's good so it's clear here she's making the connection so you're looking at me right there she's like hey this is the time when i usually get that treat right so far inertia is showing no signs that she's nervous of the sound or anything like that so i think we're ready to move on put the treats in the furbo and see how she does i'm actually gonna put a few different kinds of treats in here and mix them up a little bit just to keep her guessing this is gonna be the first time where i actually hit the treat and a treat comes out whoa jackpot look at that that's awesome one of the great things about furbo is sometimes it'll shoot out one treat sometimes it'll shoot out a whole bunch of treats like that and it really keeps your dog guessing this is variable reinforcement it's actually more effective at keeping them interested and engaged over time the treats are actually tossed out so that gives them lots of motion so this is an additional way other than just the sound that furbo gets your dog's attention and during this phase of introducing it it's a good idea go ahead and put their meal in there like really get them used to it really let them know look this is something you can look forward to there are fewer things more exciting than food to a lot of dogs right okay so inertia is comfortable with furbo let's cover some things we can do to actually get our dogs comfortable with being alone dogs seem to learn best when we ease them into new things before you can hope to have a dog who stays relaxed while you leave for the day you first need to get them comfortable with being alone when you're actually at home major life hack here remember dogs are going to be way more likely to behave calmly and acceptably when you get their excess energy out first our goal is to do our best to make sure we're working with a somewhat tired and satisfied dog for some dogs it might only take about 10 minutes a day of exercise and training to get them tired and with other dogs that might mean 90 minutes do what your dog requires because this is a super important step that will set you and your dog up for success in all areas of your training okay so you've exercised your dog you've spent time training them now they're perfectly primed to spend some time alone in their area have a nice bedroom set up for them for some dogs that might mean their comfy crate for other dogs that might mean a spare bedroom in your house either way furbo is a fantastic and helpful addition to this setup notice how i have the door open too so again she can still retreat if she wants to and my goal here is just to get her comfortable while the furbo shoots treats in there you'll want to make sure that your dog isn't nervous of the treats being shot at them while they're in the crate she was confident to just stay right there that time so that tells me i can probably close the door and she'll probably be fine let's see yes the fact that she's behaving calmly there and lying down is a rewardable moment to me you could literally be on the other side of the world and training your dog right now this is insane and here's another amazing training hack to get your dog comfortable with being alone whether or not you ultimately intend to have your dog sleep in your room with you i think it's still a good idea to first get them comfortable with sleeping in another part of your home without you this is an incredibly easy way to get traction on your training think about it if they spend eight hours overnight falling asleep and waking up they're likely very calm during those moments of their life and this will get them used to being without you and in a calm state of mind in other words the more experience that your dog has being content and alone at the same time the better let's leave the room and see how inertia does and how the furbo helps our training i'm around the corner right now and she can't see me she's getting a little anxious though she's looking at the furbo there watch let's see it's odd how entertaining this actually is this is like better than netflix and the real beauty here is that you can use furbo to toss them some treats while they're in that nice chilled out state remember especially in the early stages of having a dog when they're alone some whining or barking is normal now assuming they've had their potty breaks and their training for the day give them a few minutes to calm down naturally now if they're still pretty wound up after about 10 minutes it's probably a good idea to take them outside for an additional potty break you know just to make sure but try to at least get a few seconds of quiet before you let them out of their area and that's going to really let them know that calm behavior is what we as their people respond to most so for example when inertia was a puppy i would wait for her to just naturally be quiet for maybe a second and then let her out first i'm gonna wait for her to relax on her own and then i'll let her out when she's in a relaxed state of mind yeah she's looking a bit more relaxed so i'll go ahead and let her out right now keep in mind that all dogs are not cut out for crates but most will do just fine assuming you introduce it slowly and gently to them so in addition to a crate you can use a bedroom a bathroom a laundry room or some other area that's going to keep them safe when you're not there but of course if you feel like your dog is past that point and they're behaving pretty well in the house then you can let them be wherever they like if you have a young puppy they'll need to take several naps throughout the day so it's a really good idea to have your puppy take their naps in their bedroom in this case a crate i mean they've got to sleep sometime so put them in there when they're really tired even if you're home to really get them comfortable with being in their special area doing exercises like this is great because you're simulating leaving them alone but you can still keep an eye on them and see how they're coping during these early lessons so while you are at home you're in a much better position to tend to your dog and get them comfortable with being alone for short periods of time at first preparing in this methodical manner is going to give you much faster success good job girl there are a few things that you can do to keep your dog content when you actually have to leave them at home alone stay quiet and calm when you leave and when you come home and just don't make a big deal about it at all it doesn't hurt to leave your dog with something that makes them happy when you go away like a great chew the furbo is something they can learn to look forward to when you're away as well so we're going to take a quick walk and we'll see how inertia does when we leave her alone so i'm going to walk out of the door but before i do that i'm going to go ahead and toss some treats from the verbo see what happens here okay go on i think she thought she had to stay so i'm just bree and i are going to nonchalantly exits we've got a camera over here as well so we can see what happens i'm going to try to ignore her but it's so adorable she's peeking out of the window right now this camera gives you a full hd view of your dog it has a four time zoom and 160 degree wide angle so you can see virtually everything that's in front of the camera and night vision works really well on this too we actually have audio so i can hear if she's barking i'm getting bark alerts on my watch every time she barks usually she doesn't bark that much when we leave her alone but occasionally she does so we're continuing to work on it and this is i think something that's definitely going to help us good girl i could tell she was about to get into a barking fit so i wanted to pre-empt it right there by getting her attention on me albeit virtually and then giving her a treat so you have that two-way audio not only can i see her but i can talk to her as well inertia hey so what we're doing here is we're conditioning her that being alone still means that fun things happen it doesn't get completely boring you know i think i just turned my dog into a video game you can really see how calm and relaxed her body language is right now she's really shifting into that more chill mindset rather than barking like she first was when we left let me see if i can get her to lie down inertia lie down my goodness did you see that she totally lied down when i said lie down i'm gonna definitely reward that this is pretty incredible i mean i can see my dog i can hear my dog i can talk to my dog i can give my dog treats regardless of where i am anywhere in the world how far is technology gonna go the furbo really just becomes your second set of eyes when your dog is ready to be left alone outside of their dog-proofed area you know once you've worked up to that of course let's say that your dog had a really bad case of excessive barking you can always consider things like putting them in another part of the house for example if inertia was barking way too much right now out of the window that would be your cue that your dog probably needs to be put in a more refined area that isn't so stimulating or maybe you need to exercise your dog or do some training to kind of tire them out mentally and physically honestly the level of science that verbal allows you to conduct is pretty remarkable it allows you to really fine-tune your training so that you can see what's going on when you're not there and until now you've never been able to do that in a way that is this powerful which is really cool if your smoke alarm or your carbon monoxide alarm is going off you'll actually get notified we tested it it worked the first time the ai on furbo knows the difference between a person and a dog so you'll actually get a person alert i've set this off by walking in front of the furbo a few times it's nice to know you have that extra layer of security with this too when your dog first starts to learn to be alone it is so incredibly empowering for you both if you decide you're interested in the furbo dog camera i'm going to have a link and promo code in the description below i really hope this helps you guys we'll see you in the next video bye

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