😱Can You Walk a Cat?


oh my gosh she's so happy look at that tail going straight up what do you hear when you hear oh my god our lights just came on oh my god she is so beautiful we need to exercise more and we need to feed her face and we need to walk Marshman where is she where are you babe I got it no Q today I've been able to get it on her once okay she's not ready yet it's cute but it's like she's like half there she kind of wants it hooked he's not sure at the moment yeah I think she understands what it means but it's awkward getting it in okay now we do that okay now we tie it now we take her outside cool cute you ready no seriously trying to go into the front yard with me like this why not yeah all right bye she your breathe unfortunately something's happening outside something some yard work ears okay oh shoot later tail Marcie you're doing so good like that looks so cute when she's working progress yeah I mean she's super happy her tails always up Lucy's outside but she freezes okay we'll try it in later yeah when there's no like construction or whatever is happening over there cuz she's frozen she's like a major it's tough who are you Oh what does it feel like that amazing honestly it feels like on my face oh isn't that so satisfying I'm gonna get it all in one go well my hair's on my hair yeah yes I mean your hair mama ah sorry like a baby's butt baby the bottom nice babe christmas has come early for the kittens let's show where we got them oh mighty catchy how do we get this thing out mama I push you pull okay I'm in a pool okay you pull look at you you are not I am stronger than you my back is out come on it's really heavy you can grab it from the inside of the tree trunk it's an actual tree you see a fishy fish you're free doing it everything's good okay cupcake move it or lose it buddy so we have picked a name for puppy 2.0 and it came from Ethan we decided to name him poofy we're gonna move that one to the garage for now yeah cuz I still I'm gonna let it grow but this is so cool let me explain Barbara creating this is like the Primo spot in the house and it's too small they all want to get a fight over it yeah it goes down all the way we got it from Howard's and then they can get up and up and up so let's swap 100 I like it it's a little smaller too let's see it it looks good look she's already in it mr. puff laughs what do y'all think go on go in somebody go in please go in oh she's in she is it come on go up you can go up you see her from in here here comes cake hey cupcake come check out the new tree mr. fluff look hi come on hi Murray oh she loves it she found her spot I can't wait till they figure out how to get all the way to the top oh okay yep there we go cupcakes gonna be the first one to go pretty sure he's smart mr. fluff love however is just not even anywhere near like what was that thing she's down here just chewing on some stuff oh you could see his little face from in there I could say hey cupcake hey cupcake there we go there we go oh he's already watching him so she went out let's see if she comes out on this side hi mark well she doing all the way up oh they love it we knew they would love it meanwhile mr. fluff looks like you guys go figure that up that's cute you guys are so cute well I'm glad they love their treat Oh what was that oh there's a dangly thing in here she is going bananas for it yeah I can add some danglies but I can straight up staplegun some of their dangly is here look I could take these danglies make some more put them up there where she she's got the crazy out of it where she well that's a Colin C second yeah what how'd that get out there that get out there she's up do that okay now I give you her kill oh there she goes okay oh gee this is perfect this is perfect what do you think like right here mmm either that or on the other side no I just worried that I'm gonna be chilling here and then it's here to pop me in the face that almost hit me you don't have any staples left oh man you're right I think you just got it come on it yeah let's see it oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I found the thing hello fluff fluff it looks like fluff love is just discovering everything now hello Marcy these cats are crazy you guys enjoy well Marcy what do you think you love this thing luck luck who's that target where she loves these I am gonna make this one a little bit okay all right enjoy kitties look at that dude I love it they immediately got to the top hopefully they'll sleep up there because that oh they love it I should put Mora okay this is success one's playing with one the others playing with the other well he's trying to take it with him get it girl Oh what well they've already taken one down so I am here to screw it by-god still haven't used that bad I think this is gonna do my trick look at that is he in there good make sure you can't poke through who's gonna get it oh hi cupcake what you doing oh they're getting it now so yeah happy early Christmas kitten I've had some progress with mercy mercy honey you want to go outside marshy I've ordered another one I think this one might be a pinch too small come on marshy and I ordered a different kind there isn't gonna be as tight around the arms oh I got a Marcy oh I see what's happening okay Marcy Marsh you want to go outside sweetheart I know you're all curious this is just for Marcy because she is the only one that will let me put this harness on her I'd say that you should do it inside first yeah feel like we already kind of been it bypassed that yeah he's definitely tolerant I think she's confused she was like why am i paying put in this thing that's the other thing that's hard about this this is not interesting like yesterday she was like all about it yeah she let me put it on earlier today I took her out for little walk here's another nope not it I'm not feeling it right now okay alright alright we'll try again later the new one came in marshy you're happy like all right let's chest it hi sweet you're off this one way easier I just put it on her no big deal good kiddin oh that's easier to look at her arms aren't all shut wipe your merry feet though is it cold out there you can go bad this was so much easier to put on her oh that one's a lot easier you have more space for your little what are you seeing what do you see you up there oh there she goes but she's used to this already there we go oh my gosh her tail is straight up you're so cute girl oh you like this one way better you're moving a lot more can you make it down yes you can with your cute little paws oh my gosh this one's a win now I could take her to the stores with me her neighbor seriously laughed at us the other day we were trying to walk our cat she's doing it she likes this one better she's actually moving a lot more with this one than the other one I have got to see daddy's baseball cap come on there you go come on oh my gosh she's so happy look at that tail going straight up what do you hear when you hear oh my god our lights just came on was it five thirty oh my god she is so beautiful we're his daddy you look cute yeah look at her oh my god yeah look at the difference look first of all it was very easy to put on right baby second of all look the front snap to the buttom the belly snapped and she immediately started going look third of all it's got polka dots and it's got pink polka dots with lips and it's just like her stocking and her tails up but have you ever seen no do you think she's pretty have you ever stayed what my decorations is this you guys see what is it look at she wants to go hey I never seen her go so far oh my gosh this is adorable we're gonna be here all night aww she's cold okay all right the her little ears are shivering I was fun did you enjoy yourself because we enjoyed it we have successfully walked our cat alright until next time [Music]

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