🙂How To Got Your Cat to Stop Biting!


hey guys so I wanted to do a really quick video about Oliver's biting just kind of an update video on that whenever I did my first video about Oliver and how I just adopted him he was having a really serious issue with his biting he was leave scratches on me he would leave marks on me and would draw blood I'm bleed and it would seem to kind of come out of nowhere he would bite me more than he would bite other people that would come over and visit I'm here bite me more than he would bite my boyfriend I didn't understand what was going wrong I was watching Jackson galaxy videos I was looking up different things on what sitting hitting him was not working I don't recommend any of the things that I've said at this point may be easy so I wanted to just make a really quick video and tell you what worked for me and so if you are witsand about your cat biting you maybe this is something you can try and maybe it will work so what I decided to do was every time he would bite me I would immediately drop what I was doing and I would put him in the kennel for five to ten minutes and I would set a timer and I would ignore him when he would cry I left him in there and once his timer went off I would let him back out to try again if he bit me again he would go straight to the pen oh he started to know after a few days that he knew if he bit me he was known at the kennel because I I was consistent with it I didn't just do it sometimes when he bit me if he bit me at all he was going to the kennel and it took me about a week or two of doing this and he quit fighting me completely I wanted to share what worked for me because nothing was working and I was starting to kind of lose hope on what to do so if you have tried everything else and you have not tried that I would definitely recommend doing that I wanted to also just say in this video that hitting cats they don't understand why you're hitting them so please don't do that yelling at cats they don't understand why you're yelling so please don't do that but they were there able to connect their environment changes and he was able to connect that if he does this thing he's not gonna be able to do it he wants to do which is play or be out he's gonna have to go to the kennel and so after you know consistent punishment and going to the kennel he started to learn and he is not by me anymore at all so I wanted to share that with you guys I hope that this video helps and if you have a cat that's fighting let me know what you've tried if this works for you let me know if it works updating me on how it's going and best of luck guys because I had a cow that was biting me mazie never had that issue at all but Oliver was biting me significantly and so I just wanted to make this video to kind of help anybody that's having that same problem so best wishes to you guys good luck with the abiding cats and I can tell in the next video I

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