How to Tame a Scared Feral Cat


[Music] hi welcome to kitten school today we're going to talk about ways to tame a feral kitten who is scared and acting out aggressively so here we have dormouse this is me taking him out of the carrier after I picked him up from the shelter and watch here oh I was not taking precautions as I should have when working with this scared kitty cat and he bit me and what do I mean by precautions I mean a good pair of tough leather gloves here's Cindi approaching dormouse wearing one of the gloves he did bite the glove a few times but he seemed to stop the biting once he realized that the hand wasn't going away no matter how much he bit so we're still working with dormouse and the video progresses pretty quickly but remember this was a pretty long process from actually picking him up with the one hand and petting with the other you want to go slow wait for the kitty to relax before moving on with more holding or taking out of the creek and just a quick aside that white cage that Cindi is pulling the kitten out of I call that the social box that is not where the kitten stays all the time it's a technique I use to help socialize cats and kittens and I did a video on the social box so I will put a link to that video at the end of this one if you are trying to socialize a cat or kitten I really recommend checking that video out after a few minutes it's very apparent that dormouse has relaxed quite a bit he's looking around his ears aren't flat back against his head which would indicate that he is severely scared and Cindy just continues to pet him and hold him so after a few minutes of the inhale dormouse was put back into the social box for a rest but a few minutes later I'm going to come along and Pat him and speak to him very softly maybe give him a little treat if he's receptive so you can see he's still a little unsure right there he tried to bite me but it was a little half-hearted this time but I'm still watching out for him to bite there he goes there he goes but I come right back and I always respond to aggression with affection when it's when it's safe to do and then walk watch here I'm scratching his head and his little nose and despite himself I think he's enjoying it so even in one day you can see how much dormouse has really come around he was a spitting biting just nervous wreck at the shelter and just some intensive gentle and repetitive socialization has made a huge difference in his comfort level around people this is not the end of training for dormouse we're going to be working with him extensively over the next month or maybe even longer to make him the best lovingest Kitty that we can so that he can be adopted into a forever home so thanks for watching and look out for part 2 coming soon you [Music]

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