How to Teach Cat To Sit With Clicker Training


sit hey there cat schoolers Julie the cat teacher here with my assistant Jones today I am going to show you how to teach your cat sit there are a couple different methods we can use to teach our pets to sit but today I'm going to show you the luring method. Luring is when you take a treat and you guide your cat into a position or an action so let's say I want to get Jones to spin I could use a treat and guide him around and that would be luring so all I'm going to do is draw the treat up click as soon as he puts his bum down toss the treat away and start that again so as soon as he approaches I draw the treat up click as soon as that butt goes down or say yes if you don't have a clicker yet and then toss a treat away to get him up and repeat a bunch of times. If you find that your cat is lifting their two paws up that means that you are placing the treat too high above their head so if I do this see how he lifts those paws up so when you're luring your cat into a sit you want to put the treat just above their head but not too high that they lift their paws up now we are going to fade the treat out of this hand okay so we don't want the cat to always be looking to see where the treat is so I've got a little trick for that I'm gonna have a treat in each hand now and I'm gonna start to feed him with this hand so I get him to sit with this hand and feed him with that hand and we keep doing that until you don't need a treat in this hand so yes as you can see this becomes your hand signal so yes yes once your cats really good at the signal you might be wondering if you can use a verbal cue like sit instead of a hand signal and you can. So the way that you teach that is as your cat is approaching you and just about to sit sit pair the verbal cue with the action good boy I personally like to use hand signals with cats because it's it's very clear for them and it's easy for them to follow. Teaching sit with a verbal cue is not that hard sit good good job Jones sit have fun training friends and we'll see you soon

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