How to Teach your Cat to Use a Cat Flap


an important life skill for your cat is to learn how to use a cat flap cat flaps aren't always easy for cats to learn how to use particularly if they're nervous and don't like squeezing into small spaces or having anything over their head so here are some simple steps to help your cat learn how to come and go as they please keep training sessions to just a few minutes each time your cat should get the hang of it in a few days but every cat is different so be patient step 1 prop open the cat flap to encourage them through have something exciting for them on the other side like a person with a tasty treat this acts as a reward to reinforce their behavior when they go through the flap after they've been rewarded for going through a couple of times leave the flap propped open and give them space to access it on their own step 2 lower the height of the flap slightly and repeat the first part of step 1 encouraging them through with an incentive on the other side if they cope well with the flap at a lower height reduce even more and repeat step 1 each time allowing them to explore the flap on their own if they are not quite getting the hang of it return to an earlier step and continue the process [Music] step three the final step is to repeat step one with a fully closed flap by this time there should be full of confidence but if they are still struggling be patient and go back a step if you need to if your cat is particularly nervous about things above their head try the cardboard box method first place a large box open at both ends in an open doorway and reward your cat for walking through it just like in step one once they are confident walking through this larger space they may be ready to tackle something a little smaller like a cat flap an alternative to a regular cat flap is to have an electronic cat flap installed which is activated by your cat's microchip not only do electronic flaps help reduce your cat stress by keeping neighborhood cats out by ensuring your cat is microchipped you also have peace of mind they are more likely to be found if they ever go missing for more information please visit our website or seek the advice of a qualified behaviorist or trainer you

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