How to Train an Outdoor Cat an Indoor Cat


hi guys and welcome back to Relax my cat my name is Savannah and here with me down here is Maya and Maya was once revered adventurer of the outside world or at least that's probably how she saw it Maya used to be an outdoor cat and we now live in an apartment so she is no longer an outdoor cat and I thought it'd make a good video just talking about this especially if any of you are going to university or moving out of your homes or maybe just moving to somewhere where you don't have outdoor access so if you move into like a main road and you want to keep your cat safe and this video is for that so this one is turning your out door cat into an indoor cat I do believe that even the most feral cat can become an indoor cat but it's always important to do what's best for your cat if you have a Dead Set outdoor cat don't make them an indoor cat okay so my first tip is my first tip is to slowly reduce the time your cat spends outside cut it back by like an hour or two hours every day and do expect a lot of meowing to go out if your cat goes out a lot just be sure that you're leaving a litter tray out if you're not doing so already otherwise there could be a few accidents but yeah actually brings me on to my next tip it is about the litter make sure you are leaving out a couple of trays for your outdoor cat if your cat has been spayed or neutered or had to spend an extended amount of time inside they may remember how to use the litter tray maya luckily does because she was spayed but she also had a few complications as well which meant that she had to stay in a little bit longer which is fine and it was great for us because she already remembered how to use her litter tray which was perfect so I didn't have to teach her again so you've reduced the time outside spending a lot more time inside using this litter tray just fine and now you're ready to move your cat indoors for good if you are moving to a new home once you release your cat into your new home make sure you've got tons of things that smell like you around the area lots of little hidey holes that they can hide a little bits of treats here and there just so your cat has places where they can feel safe also when we first moved Maya into this apartment she spent the first two days under the bed which is understandable cuz it smelt like us she would eat food that was in the bedroom and then we slowly moved it out further into the hallway and to living room into the kitchen once you start getting more adventurous and if you are moving your cat to a new home chances are they're not gonna eat straight away now exercise with your new indoor cat is important too you might have to play with them a little bit more get them running around and if you are interested in walking your cat Claire actually did some amazing videos on that which I'll make sure I'll link down below there on this channel anyway definitely check them out maya is pretty good on the leash but she gets nervous quite easily and does try to bolt um which is which is um do you mind and lastly indoor cats that used to be outdoor cats will have a few hiccups and times when they want to go out usually with this we just put my own in her harness and send her out but I've been thinking as well getting one of those backpacks you know for the cats and taking her on journeys and what do you guys think if I get one I'll make a video on it so that's it for this one that was my little tips and tricks on turning your outdoor cat indoors it worked well for Maya so hopefully it will work well with your cat so let me know how it goes and of course we have a t-shirt competition on at the moment too so I am going to announce a winner so our winner this week is Rev mailett-crutcher and because they left an absolutely huge comment with loads of good tips and I'll put it up here but I'm not gonna read all of it out basically my cat doesn't like being brushed and gave us tons of tips on how to get around that other ways to keep your cat's coat really nice and glossy so yeah congratulations and make sure you head over to our Instagram to DM us your size and your address so we can get a shirt sent out to you but don't worry if you didn't win this time we still have it ongoing all you have to do is number one be subscribed to relax my cat make sure you hit the bell beside it as well just so you get notified when we post a new video and number two is post a comment on this video within 60 minutes of it going up and that's it your in so thank you so so much for joining in this week again I really really appreciate it and all your comments are really lovely and then I'm really thankful so I'll see you again next week and thank you so much bye-bye

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