How to Train an Outdoor Cat


in today's video I'm gonna teach you guys how to train a barn cat so this is little barn cat so some awesome friends of ours named Nick and Zia rescued wills mom who happen to be pregnant at the time they found her in some abandoned house and she ended up having a bunch of little kittens and we got to be the lucky ones to adopt one of those kittens we've decided to name her lil maybe it's short for Lilith maybe it's short for Lilly it's short for Lily and we're just not quite sure so her name is lil barn cat barn cat just to define it for people is a cat that lives outdoors it has the barn as its primary shelter people usually have barn cats to keep down the rodent population around their farm here at our place we have a fair amount of mice you know I made a video the other day about how I how I trap them but the by far the best deterrent has been adding Pablo barn cat to the mix [Music] [Music] the way to train a barn cat it's actually relatively straightforward and simple all you need to do is you get a get a cage like a good-sized cage for a like a large dog you know the type that you would you know keep them in is your crate training them and you got to keep them in there for about two or three weeks that part might be a little bit heartbreaking it's obviously not the cat's favorite place to be once they get used to it they become much more chill so you keep them in the crate for a couple of weeks the reason this is important is it teaches them that the barn is their home and it gets them very used to that one specific spot and once you do this after a while they will not go away from home it will basically stick around and that's an important thing because you don't want your barn cat to drift off into the far reaches of the pasture you don't want your barn cat to drift off into the woods where you know things like foxes and coyotes and bobcats are there to get them for a little lil here though we're gonna try to actually keep her indoors in our mudroom for probably a couple more months as you can tell she's Soho gosh-darn tiny so she's much too young to be an actual barn cat it's really important to make sure that even when you're crate training your barn cat they get plenty of exercise Pablo is one of the friendliest nicest barn cats you'll ever meet an absolute killing machine but very soft and cuddly too sometimes you'll find people who have barn cats that are very standoffish and skittish and more feral than pet cat we've spent a lot of time trying to train Pablo and spend time with Pablo and get make sure that he feels like he's got a lot of love and intention the reason if you guys are wondering to why we don't actually just have a cat in the house if we like these things so much is I'm crazy allergic to cats I'm gonna have to take a shower and change my clothes and wash my hands once I get done shooting this video because probably within about 20 minutes but having this little girl here this close to me I would just start sneezing my head off my eyes would turn bright red now some people will wonder is the bark at a working animal or is it a pet and I'd say it's actually somewhere in between it's like a good farm dog companion somebody just that you can play with and pet and give a little love and affection to and not eat like a lot of the other farm animals but at the same time they have a very distinct job and role here at the farm so with Pablo I still feed him twice a day not a ton of food because you know for Pablo for example he's getting a good chunk of his diet at this point from rodents but but but we feed him twice a day just to have that ritual of him feeling like he belongs at this house and this is his home and the barn is his home so beyond that there is too much more to how we train our barn cats it's just give them some love and attention make sure you give them food make sure that they have a safe place in the barn that can be their home make sure that you let them know where home is and then just take care of them because I got to say I'm not a cat person at all but somehow these two little barn cats have wormed their way into my heart and a very weird and unexpected way and I'm pretty happy about it hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe and you'll be able to watch and follow as a little little hair grows and I'll be sure to keep you guys up to date

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