How to Train Your Cat to Fetch


today we're teaching Gidget the cat or retrieve the first step is teaching the cat to come to a buzzer and that the buzzer means food once a cat is coming reliably to the food then I start to beep it into a crate as soon as I know the cat comes to the buzzer then I start to play with toys then I show the cat but I open the gate when the cat picks up the toy I buzz the buzzer and the cat brings back the toy I have a little string on the toy at the end there and if the cat picks up that toy too slowly I just give it a little pop which should put cat into prey drive make it grab the toy and then at standing instinct should kick in and it should just run right into the crate each time a nice cat goes and picks up the toy and brings it back and puts it in the crate it's like feed in the crate in exchange for the toy once the cat is retrieving the small object I put it inside a larger one by putting the smaller object inside the larger object it helps the cat identify that this is the same game each time I changed to a new object I leave a little of the old original object sticking out this makes it easy for the cat to identify that it's the same game this has taken me about nine days to get here the first three days were obviously the hard-ass is getting the cat instead of sending to a beeper and then reliably of setting up the finishing of the beeper to the tree and then picking up a toy and bringing it until ultimately now even though she's struggling you can see she completes it down I love this last run because the cat actually knocks a toy into the bad position but she got up underneath it and picked it up exactly where I wanted her to and carried it back now that I have the action I want I just have to start freaking in different places you

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