An Easy Way to teach a Kitten to Walk On a Leash


Hi there welcome to Kitten Schoo!l So I really hope you'll enjoy this video... it was so much fun to make! I am going to show you how I taught one of my foster kitties - not this one- how to walk on a leash. Lolita here is about four months old. When she was just a couple of weeks old she lost sight in her right eye from an infection. I knew right away she was really, really smart. She taught herself how to go in and out of the cat door, and she just has that real desire to learn. She's very curious, so I thought she would be the perfect candidate to teach to walk on a leash. The only harness I had around the house was for an adult cat, so I used a binder clip to help it fit. At first the harness feels very strange to Lolita, and she kind of staggers a little bit... you can see here by her lashing tail that she's a little annoyed by this unusual situation. But if anyone is up for a challenge it's Lolita, and she is soon up again. And the more she walks, the easier it gets. Once Lolita had some practice wearing the harness and was walking normally, I clipped on a lightweight leash. If she got stuck I just simply reached down and kind of encouraged her to walk along. Now, I knew Lolita was smart but she picked up walking on the leash really fast! I was so proud of her. After a couple of days of walking on the leash around the house I decide it's time to take Lolita outside. After a few minutes of rolling in the grass Lolita is ready to go exploring! When we get out to the sidewalk Lolita really starts to get into her stride. Lolita is cruising right along, but I always let her stop when she wants to watch a lizard or some other kind of irresistible distraction. I want her to have fun! Now that Lolita is leash trained she can have all the safety and benefit of being an indoor cat while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. Lolita is getting adopted so she'll be leaving Kitten School soon, and I'm really gonna miss her. But I know this little girl is gonna make her new family incredibly happy! Thanks for watching! If you liked the video hit that SUBSCRIBE button and join the Kitten School family... bye-bye!

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