Tips On How to Train Your Cat to Use a Cat Door or Cat Flap


hi guys welcome back to my channel in this video i'm going to show you how to train your stubborn cat to use a kitty door now i wanted to do this video because i do a lot of videos on lifestyle topics and definitely include our animals and things i run into with them and for this particular situation we wanted to get our kitty box outside so it would just be so much cleaner in our master bath that's where we've had the cat box for the past year at our house and we wanted to move it outdoors so we went ahead and purchased a kitty door on amazon i'll go ahead and link that in the video i wouldn't recommend buying one at your local like home depot or farm supply because they're super expensive you can get one for a fraction of the cost on amazon and they work just great um i was really surprised at how hard it was to train our cat to get to use the kitty door i always had cats growing up and it was super easy and when i went to find videos online that might be helpful in training there wasn't much in the way of training videos so i'm going to show you how we got our cat to use it it did take her about a month so don't give up be patient and i'll show you some techniques to get through this training period all right guys so the rest of this video is going to be done on the floor so i can show you how to best train your cat to use the cat door so for starters i just want to show you the kind that we have and it does have this locking mechanism which i think is pretty useless because we're never planning on having this loft and it does have a magnet on the bottom so this is a pretty secure one so i like it that it's kind of airtight you don't like get bugs and like potentially rodents in um although we did have a squirrel get through this when we were in the middle of training and i'll tell you why um but we did have a magnet on this and you do have these locking clips so we always leave it unlocked and the magnet does provide a little bit of tension on the door so it is pretty hard for a smaller animal to push through it so um what we did when we first installed it and you can do this with the door closed is just put some treats around the door and especially the other side has a little sill so um i put treats and cat foods on that cats want to be able to spread their scent on things to get more comfortable with them so it's a great way for them to just get close to the area that they're going to be entering and exiting so you can do the treats and the cat food by this area and you can do that for several days until they kind of get their scent on the area or you can start with fully opening the door and putting the treats around it and how you would keep the door completely open is we just got some on thick painters tape this is like two and a half inch three inch tape and i went ahead and just popped the door open and then taped it up from there so you can invest in some like plastic hooks if you wanted to um if you wanted this to look nicer and i can have those slide in the video right now so you know what i'm talking about they're just the ones that have the sticky on the back and and those you could stick right on the back of the door and then have another one here and put like a string type thing if this tape was just not attractive to you so when we first started off you're just going to want to have the door completely open like this and again use the treats and like even feed your cat in this area so they get used to putting their scent on it and get used to being around it because they will notice even the slightest difference in a door and feel uncomfortable being around it so once your cat's used to the door and if they start going in and out that's great on their own if they don't you're going to want to put them on the other side of the door and leave some cat food when it's feeding time and you know they're going to be hungry or some cat treats on the other side and just encourage them to come on through if that doesn't work just keep proceeding with um putting treats and foods around the door and hopefully that will lead them through um and if you have a good relationship with your cat you can definitely give them some encouragement and kind of like push them through which i definitely did with our cat because i got a little bit um impatient with training her and she was really hesitant walking through the door so i just like put her food on the other side she wouldn't get it on her own so just go ahead and manually push her through the door and she eventually started going on her own so once your cat is and this is why i like the tape method because it's just super easy once your cat is comfortable with that height you're going to want to slowly start lowering the door and i would wait like four to five days with each level and definitely don't move a litter box or something like that where there's a big commitment outside until your cat is fully trained i don't want any accidents inside so we still have the cat box inside because she's just now getting used to going through the door completely on her own so i wanted to do this video while i was still fresh in my head but i still am not confident moving the cat box out once i see her consistently going through without getting scared i'll be moving it outside so lower the door same thing treats and food and our cat goes indoor outdoors so she knows when it's feeding time and when we're home and she's like hungry at night so it's a great time to put the food on the other side of the door because they're already expecting it they're probably hungry at that point and so it's going to encourage them to come on through so then you're just going to proceed in lowering the door and once i got to about i would say where the door was like three inches a jar she started getting more hesitant going under and it took longer and what i did at this point was i did like manually push her under and i would tape the door going either direction just so she could get used to both so that the way that this one works is it does flap both ways and and so i would practice and i would definitely push her through so she could get used to the feeling of the door on her back that's what she really didn't like and she was really hesitant about she felt like it was going to slam on her um once she was comfortable doing this when it had that opening for her we did drop it all the way down and if you have another pet to show as an example that's a great resource to use i definitely had our small dog go through the door and she would watch that and i do think that made her a bit more comfortable um so if you have a small pet you can encourage them with treats to go through the door and show your cat how to do it so once the door was all the way closed at this point she was like no i'm not doing that like it's completely closed i'm not getting through and at this point i did just take her and um push her into the door so she could feel what it felt like and then um also at night time when she was ready to eat i put her food right here open this a little bit so that she could like smell the food and stuff and and i would leave her outside and if she didn't come in then she didn't eat so it's not like we didn't feed her for days on end but i think that happened her one night she didn't eat and the next night or morning when she was super hungry that's when she came through the door so if you just give them a little bit of encouragement don't starve your cat not saying don't feed them i'm just saying that if they're hungry enough they will come through the door and you know with all this training beforehand they're going to know that they can make it through they're just going to be a little bit scared and they need that extra push so if you have any questions or comments definitely leave them below i hope this video was helpful and if you like videos on just like animal training lifestyle we have several domestic animals and also farm animals so i'll be sure to post more and we'll see you on the next one

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