Tips On How To Walk Bengal Cat on a Leash


so remember when I said there's good days and bad days this is not turning out to look like a good day [Music] okay hey guys if you haven't met her already this is Kona this is our new kitty she looks like a leopard and today we are gonna take Kona for a walk but walking a cat is not as easy as it sounds but oh and all it takes is a lot of dedication and patience a lot of patience if you know those two things you'll be set hey girl now the first thing that you have to do is get their harness on and get them used to wearing your harness the logo done in the past is just have wanna wear your harness the house getting ability all we've done is put her harness on and let it wear it throw the house and you'll see when you first put it on a kitty they'll kind of freak out and walk a little bit weird but after you do it a couple of times like they used to it and we started really young with Kona and the harness like before twelve weeks old and we got her when she was 12 weeks and we just used to let her wear drown the house for her short intervals of time until she's used to it and now it's nothing this is just the cheap little harness that we that it is the cheapest which is a bonus and she's having fun with it after your kitty is used to wearing its harness the next thing you have to do is get it used to the leech again the same thing as the harness like taken for a walk on the house once your cat is used to its harness and leash now it's time to take it out into the wilderness into the outdoors so the first thing that we like to do is pick a spot that has minimal amount of traffic and minimal amount of people thank goodness right now we're still kind of in quarantine or self-isolation stages so there is nobody around so that's good news the other thing we like to do is get away from any traffic in vehicles so we're in a secluded location but the other thing that we also have to do is get away from the vehicle because she knows where the truck is and if she sees it she gets fixated on it and she keeps always trying to beeline it back to the vehicle so we get out of the line of sight from the vehicle and then we can put her down and get her used to the environment so the user just put her down and give her like a place to walk around and sniff climb around the tables or she wants for a bit and then we'll try walking get to it right now we're just gonna give her some time to get used to the fact that she's outside that there's a cyclist behind her thank you honestly she normally goes out more than this when we first set her down so she seems pretty chillax right now go explore some days when we go out some days it's a good day some days it's a bad day we actually went out yesterday and yesterday was a horrible day if you did not want to walk it all we had to carry her most of the way but today I think it's a lot quieter over here there's less wildlife I might have been a little bit of a problem there's no wind in Lethbridge there's wind 90% of the time so I think this is gonna be a perfect day she seems really calm right now lots of the times one of the cues that it's not gonna be a good day is that she's trying to climb every tree around here right now this is a good reminder that she's really young she is learning that not every day is gonna be perfect she's still getting the hang of it despite us sometimes getting frustrated point is that we keep going back out there and like only going to what her limits are oh come on kkona kkona kkona oh he break already come on kkona kkona kkona kkona kkona kkona come here recognizes no noises yes you've tried them out gonna come here come here get that out of your system now remember when they said there's good days and bad days this is not turning out to look like a good day yet like we said patience and dedication you'll get there this is a medium day a mediocre day she hasn't tried to climb everything in sight but she hasn't quite figured out the linear walking system yet we do help that it finds if he find an actual trail that's like kind of beaten down like this one here that she does tend to follow it sometimes but she's just trying to climb the tree so what we usually do is we get this is like a secret Pro hack that I think we figured out if you get two people out here get a really long leash like this is probably a 10 foot leash I'd say you get two people on the trail one goes far up ahead so that it can call the little kitty and then one obvious person obviously has to stick with there but we find that if Chelsea goes up about ten feet stops calls her then the kitty goes up to Chelsea she gets lots of pets rewards you can do that with treats as well when we're outside Kona really doesn't respond to treats too much so she just gets lots of pets and lots of lots of good kitties but we find if we do this little routine that after like three or four times she start to get it and what she'll just actually end up walking with us so if she found a tree that she wants to climb but we'll try regardless move five ten feet up the trail let me call Kona come on go come on we've done this enough times already that every time I go about five feet up the trail she's getting used to just coming and following me yeah and just like that we're walking with a kitty on a leash doing so good kids playing on bridge over there so she's kind of fixated on it but patience and dedication we'll get through this come on gonna come on come on this is much more relaxing when she's walking not interested in the water [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all in all I would say that that was a wildly successful walk for Kona she walked like probably only almost like 10 minutes straight while kiddie walk for almost 10 minutes straight before she like literally just flopped over and that was the end of it and then she went back in her carrier which she loves and she was good to go hey girl we are lucky this isn't always the case sometimes it is like herding cats to walk going outside but like curtis has said many times it takes a lot of patience and it takes a lot of learning her boundaries and what she's willing to do knowing her mood there's a lot of behind-the-scenes that go into even getting us this far like Kurt said the fact that she likes her harness that's fantastic doing things like keeping your cat on a feeding routine rather than letting them free graze all the time allows you to if your cats like very motivated by treats that's gonna help you out on this process Kona is also clicker trained that helps a lot in this process and the other big tip that I wanted to point out before we conclude this video is that actually getting your cat accustomed to the outdoors before we even took Kona with the intent to walk her on the leash we just take her out in the front yard and let her to wander around seeing a tree like the first time she saw a tree branch was like a whole new world so letting her get a little bit more accustomed to those things before the expectation of her actually walking with us even the first couple times you go out you might just have to go out and literally just sit in the grass and let them get used to it because there is a lot of new sounds new weather wind in their ears even bothers them sometimes so just take it nice and slow and Kona still got a long way to go to she still gets scared when other people walk along the path and she said that's scared by bikers so we're gonna keep taking her out every day until all those things become second nature yeah that's it looks like Kona is ready for a snuggle so thanks guys for watching if you guys like this video please hit the like button hit the subscribe button and we will see you guys on the next one bye [Music]

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