Best Pet Hair Remover for Clothes 2021


[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in today's day and age there's no reason why smart people like us shouldn't be using a lint roller that's just right what does that look like here we have lots of ugly linted pet hair but the scotch brite lint roller is made for this it has scotch brand adhesive since it comes from the sticky experts it has just the right amount of adhesive to keep fabrics lint fuzz and fur free i'm not the only one who thinks this beauty is just right pet lover gives it five stars the moral of the story scotch bright brand always has the right tool for the job so let's get rolling get it done right scotch brite hello everyone my name is aaron muller and i'm the ceo of chom chom roller first off i want to thank you all for supporting our product it's just been a real big hit for amazon we have tons of awesome reviews people love the product we also get some other kind of feedback sometimes we'll get something negative and so i wanted to address that and i wanted to make sure that everybody knows how to properly use the chom chom roller because typically speaking when we get a negative review i'll call the customer up and i'll find out what they're doing or how they're using the product and i find out they're actually using it improperly and so i'll walk them through the process and then they love it so when you get the product it's going to come in a package like this so you're going to take it out of the package to start out with and then you have a device here that has a roller on it and it only goes halfway it doesn't roll all the way around so a lot of times people might think that it's supposed to roll all the way around but it doesn't because what happens is when you go like this and that it creates a static electricity and then what happens is it puts the hair into this compartment here and this is where you clean it all out and everything so now let me show you the chomp chom roller in action all right so let's go to a typical couch where a dog or a cat likes to lay and when people get the chomp chomp roller a lot of times i find what they're doing is they're not using it aggressively enough they're not going back and forth vigorously that what they do is they try to slide it in one direction or real slow like this in some situations it's not going to work that well and so that's not what you want to do the the proper way of using the chom chom roller is to go back and forth just like this you see how loud the device is that's normal it's okay that it's loud that's how it works and that's how it picks it all up by going back and forth back and forth and then once you're done open it up and this is where all the hair goes then you pick it all up and throw in the garbage you

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