Review of Dr Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat Litter-The Best Cat Litter EVER


[Music] hi everybody that has cats knows that changing glitter is not fun and you don't want to have a layer that is going to give you so much dust that you cannot even breathe and you don't want this for your cats so lately i ran out of my regular cut litter and i had to buy something that was available in the store and the most of the letters on the market basically are the same when you try to clean it there's a bunch of dust coming out of it so imagine what your cats have to breathe and of course i cannot even breathe with this it's like a powdery thing i don't know it's really bad and i have this one uh cutler that is really excellent it doesn't do that and on top of everything it clumps everything perfectly so then you can just scoop everything whether it's a pulp or it's uh just the pea and you can just throw it out without this dust so this is the cutlet that i use and i've been using this for about a year and it's the best one that i've found so far i'll give you the link in the bottom of the video so now i'm gonna put this leader into the bar bin and nothing and you can see there is no dust okay as you can see [Music] there's almost i would say maybe one percent dust you can see a little bit but also it doesn't smell the other one was overwhelming it does also have this kind of powdery smell now when there's time to clean uh the litter as you can see there is no powder and this is amazing this is the pee of my cat everything clumps together in one nice ball you throw everything then when you scoop everything else there's no dust and you can see your kid is gonna be heavy no smell no dust what is also very important is that this litter neutralizes the others totally i have two cats that do their business in just one bin and i smell nothing so this is the best loaded i've ever seen and it really does amazing job if you have any questions send me an email thanks for watching guys goodbye [Music] so you

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