Review of Pet Hair Remover How to Choose Pet Hair Remover


[Music] hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I thought I would do like a product review video I uploaded me using this to my Instagram account the other day and a lot of you were interested so I thought I would give you guys an actual proper official review video so you might be wondering what the hell this is this is a pet hair brush so we recently started letting our Labrador in its side obviously he sheds a lot of hair any of you who have ever owned a Labrador or golden retriever don't like that you will know that they shared man today ok sir I saw this ad on Facebook pop up and it was for this it was for this dog hair remover um anyway the video makes it look really easy all you do is just go back and forwards and picks up all the hair it goes into this catchment and then you just empty it out into the bin and I was like there is no way there is no way that is gonna work no way anyway so I went on eBay to see if I could get one the one that was advertised on Facebook was like 40 bucks I'm like I'm not paying 40 bucks for that so I went on eBay and sure enough I found one for $13 77 to mail yesterday so I'm going to give you guys a quick review on how I found it as I said I paid $13 70 for it don't buy the $40 version go on eBay and pay $13 70 maybe even cheaper if you have a good search anyway this is what the packaging looks like it's all in a different language so I can't even read it but the part that is in English says no electricity required 100% reusable no glue or tape required and eco-friendly provides world class pet hair removal look the translation isn't the best obviously so this probably won't make any sense but hear me out this is what it says provides world class a remover without the need for electricity or tape by simply sliding the roller forwards and backwards you can quickly clean the hair attached to the sofa bed carpet car seats etc presumed presumably you have tried a variety of hair removal products such as sticky roll type devices but they are not reusable and that is true I have used lint rollers before the ones where you peel off the bit of paper and then you have to roll again hate them they last five seconds and ever since you can't reuse them so let's give this a whirl now heads up I had vacuum today so this is going to be the real test as to whether or not it works because I've vacuumed so the force should be clean right but we'll see we'll see if this little baby can pick up anything that the vacuuming beast so this is meant to work on the couch on rugs and on carpet so I am going to do my couch and my carpet rug here and just to show you guys it's empty at the moment so I'm not cheating I'm not putting any dust in there so let's see if it works Hey [Music] okay so I've just done the entire rug pretty much now I'm gonna open it and let's see what's in this oh my god is that focused can you see how much hair is in there oh that's that's gonna read I can't believe it there was no way after what this would work look at that and I'm vacuum today that's disgusting so that goes to show you how much your vacuum cleaner doesn't pick up that's disgusting um I'm gonna go empty this yeah and then I'm gonna try on the couch to see what the results are on the couch even though I don't think there would be that much hair on the couch because Austin doesn't come on the couch Charlie comes on the couch but she's only a Maltese so she doesn't lose any hair but we'll give it a go anyway um so I'm just gonna go empty this out and I'll be back okay I'm back I've just emptied it out so it's a little empty now now I'm gonna give it a go on the couch [Music] [Music] okay so I've just done pretty much lose my couch let's open it up and see not bad I mean but still not anywhere near as much as what there was on the floor but that's to be expected because as I said Austin doesn't go on the couch he is just on the floor so there's not that much but where they walk around so like around the bottom of the couch I'd say where most of this is where most of this came from i huffed not only does this clean the hair but he's a workout so two in one but yeah as you can see it has picked up what still picked up quite a lot of hair and dust I might add um cool what I'm going to do now is test it on short carpet so the carpet on this rug here there we go is quiet I guess shaggy it's like a shaggy stove rug so I'm gonna test this out on our carpet in our bedrooms which is like not shaggy at all it's just flat so let's do it okay so as you can see the carpet in here is like literally flat like there's no shaggy nice to it at all um I'll get an up close further at the end but again I have emptied these out from when we do the cash it's empty the don't start coming in here and not allowed in our bedrooms so they'll probably won't be that much but I can see a little bits and pieces of hair around so we'll see how it is Hugo's okay so I've just done this little patch of carpet here let's open it up not bad I am gonna say this definitely works um short carpet shaggy carpet on the couch it works man I don't know if it would work on my floorboards or something I'm not gonna bother trying but yeah I rate this I will leave the link for this down below so if you do want to get one 13 bucks you can't really go wrong if you're like me and you absolutely hate pet hair I can't stand the dogs hair I have to vacuum every day now with this it'll be even better oh I feel bit odd sorry I so hot that is a workout with this I'll have even less fat now that I have to worry about which is absolutely amazing I'm gonna grab the camera off here and as I said I'll do a close-up of this carpet just so you can see the kind of carpet that I'm talking about so as you can see this carpet is super short like there's no shaggy 'no Stu it all laughs not even in the slightest so for those of you wondering if it works on short carpet I hundred percent say yes it does this gets a thumbs up from me I will be using this a lot in the future it is made of plastic so I mean I don't know how long it's going to last for and it did come slightly damaged with a little I don't know if you can see in the camera it came with like a graze on the top yeah but you know whatever it cost $13 um but yeah I write this I absolutely love it and the hundred percent works but it is a work here I must have it huh anyway guys if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give me a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this please subscribe I would love to hear your thoughts on not only this video but what you would like to see in future if there's any other gimmicks you see floating around and think oh my god there's no way that's gonna work let me know I'd be more than happy to give it a try and but other than that I will see you next time see you guys [Music]

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