Review of Pet Hair Removers-Which One is Best?


welcome back everybody now today i'm taking a look at three different pet hair removers all of them pretty highly rated to see which one works the best that's today's video all right guys with a big golden retriever like bailey that sheds all the time pet hair removers are something that hits pretty close to home so i i found three of them on amazon that looked pretty interesting they're all very different designs all of them have good reviews but i figure one of them must be the best right so that's what i was going to do in today's video where i take a look at all three of these pet hair removers and see if one is actually the best of the bunch first up it's a very simple strange spongy looking design this is the pet wedge the pet wedge has four stars on amazon only 88 ratings cost me 14 bucks they say it's good for black pants carpet car interiors upholstery the pros say that it saves time and works on any surface the con says it's kind of hard to remove the hair after each swipe and can take a long time to clean each surface next up it says lily brush on it but does this even qualify as a brush i don't know let's take a closer look at it this has 4.7 stars on amazon 5 000 plus ratings this one cost me about 12 bucks they say it's good for cars carpeting couches clothes upholstery stubborn trapped pet hair most of the pros that i saw said that it worked surprisingly well it's based on the shape and some people said they were surprised at how well it works and the con says it's useless and you could pretty much get the same results from anything flat like a credit card and finally this is the first off this looks more like one of those stones you use in the shower it feels like one too but this one is very highly rated so let's take a closer look furzoff has 4.3 star rating on amazon over 5300 ratings cost me about 7 bucks they say it's good for carpets couches car seats made in the usa pros say it's the best thing ever 10 000 stars the cons say it can snag on cheap carpet may not be for short hair those are the preliminaries my first test i wanted to use it on the couch to see how it worked for that and with bailey's help i actually got some pretty good results we get to get the couch all hairy it's already a little bit hairy from earlier we're going to double hairy come on bailey come on come on come on good girl this is a good dog cameraman do your thing good girl we gotta get all the cushions nice and messed up [Music] wow there's a lot of hair i'm swimming in a black shirt too but there's a lot of hair on this couch and bailey's going crazy right now all right so i gotta i gotta calm her down a little bit and then we're gonna try all three of the pet hair removers on each one of these cushions i got pet hair on my face the pet wedge commercial the guy is shouting at the camera i don't know why you shout so much but i was watching how he was doing it he was kind of holding it like this oh wow bailey that's yours and the other thing is you can also oh wait you got to get it off there though that's not good that was one of the complaints people are saying that it's kind of hard to clean off but you can also get in the cracks here like this that's kind of nice but it does seem like that did a pretty good job on that not not too bad i'm going to say it was pretty good cleaning off might be a pain but let's see how it doesn't further test i would say the cushion test pet wedge not too bad really let's try the lily brush they say do short strokes they're saying short strokes and they say it also used to from different angles too i don't think there's any there's much of a difference really between what side gets used look at all this hair that's belly slobber right there by the way it's not a stain it's belly slobber all right well i mean i'm i'm not sure if i like this one better than the pet wedge or not does it work better bailey what do you think i feel like it took a little bit longer so now we have the furs off you're supposed to hold the flat side in your palm and use a slight rolling motion oh wow this works pretty good oh yeah look at this oh yeah did they just repurpose one of those stones you're supposed to rub on your feet in the shower or something i don't know but it did seem to work i'm gonna say from the first round that i think that the lily brush is probably third place and i'm really torn between the pet wedge and the furs off i'm not going to say the furs off maybe has a slight advantage because it was easier to get the hair off but let's try to assume a few more tests and see how they really do there next up we're going to do the carpet test and that requires us to call bailey in for her services once again look at her crazy face bailey [Laughter] but i digress it's time to brush bailey on the floor and i'm usually i would collect the hair and throw it away but not this time this time it's going on the floor we're going to see how these pet hair removers do so bailey you're going to get free brushing now i brush her almost every day but she always has hair look at his hair look at his hair to my friend kathy who hates dog hair this is dedicated to you sometimes i'll brush her for a long time oh bailey oh bailey she's gonna sneeze again she's gonna sneeze again all right i think we got enough hair bailey let's rub it around now bailey's not going to move bailey you want to move you're going to move bailey you're going to move bailey you're going to move bailey you're going to move barely i'm about to give her a bone get my hair bone oh bailey that was rude mix these up i like how she's back on the couch getting all hairy again let's try the pet wedge wow that's just a lot of hair that's just a lot of hair i mean it doesn't matter how what you're using to clean up with it does seem to kind of fill up if that's really a word for it it gets to the point where it's not grabbing it i can feel there's a roughness to it and then when i get a lot of hair kind of starts getting smooth almost it seems like you got that pretty big area pretty quickly now pulling it off there is a bit of work but i don't know i think the pet wedge is not bad let's try let's try the lily brush now what i like about this one is it doesn't stick to it so you can you don't have to stop and pull the hair off now obviously this is an extreme test this isn't usually most houses aren't going to have that much air on the carpet that need to be put pulled up but i think it actually did better on the second test the lily brush round two i think was maybe even faster than the pet wedge i'm not sure but we've got the furs off now let's try that i think the furs off has got the hairiest part of the floor too so it's maybe a little bit unfair i'm kind of a fan of the furs off and the pet wedge i'm not as much of a fan of the lily brush but i do like all three of them right now i think it's a really slightly lean towards the first off as the best of the three but we've got more to do in fact i think i'm going to get some hair off the cameraman real quick here let's go give me the camera camera man let's see we got huh i'm not real impressed with the uh the pet wedge on the shirt i think they said you can dampen it if you need to get fine hairs off but i don't want to i don't want to get your shirt wet how about the lily brush i think the lily brush is working better on the shirt i mean not amazing but it's better but you still have to kind of collect it like you get you're getting that lily brush better on the shirt by the way is this is this a new shirt ooh that doesn't feel good on material i feel like that's going to like rip rip the material no way man you hear that i'm gonna say no i think the lily brush better on the shirt this will work but i feel like it's gonna tear your shirt to shreds people were saying this catches on on certain materials i'm gonna say they're right probably not good for a for a shirt this is an old shirt let's try this i feel like it's going to rip tear the shirt to shreds but it's working i don't think this is really good for for clothing let's try a lily brush i think it's better lily brush better than clothing pet wedge i feel like it's just moving the hairs around what do you think cameraman yeah it's not yeah not as good not as good on the shirt i've got some meaningful results out of this test i got a couple more to do before i wrap this thing up so next up is a real world test i pull one of the car mats out of my car now if you're a pet owner you know that your car even if your pet doesn't go in the car you get pet hair in the car because it comes in from your shoes so i've got one of my car mats i'm going to try using all three of these and see how they work all right believe it or not this is actually right out of my car anybody that has pets know that you definitely track a lot of pet hair into your car it's it's pretty bad let me just try about a third of this with a pet wedge the pet wedge seems to leave some streaks in here maybe i'll get it wet as you can see it's it picked up the bulk of it but there's still streaks on there i'm gonna go inside and dampen this they say to dampen it for fine here let me see if that helps with that once again if you look up close there are some uh there are some hairs left behind let's try it with the dampening damp now all right i mean it's it's got it got more i'm not sure if that's impressive yet or not let's see how the rest of them look all right let's try the lily brush i feel like the lily brush did a little bit better even with the dampened pet wedge let's try the furs off now all right first section this is the pet wedge in the middle we have the lily brush and on this side we have the furs off i think the lily brushing the furs off pretty much a tie although the furs off was much faster first off i think one again just by a hair so in the end i kind of have to go with the furs off as my top pick with conditions it is a little bit rough you might have to be careful on some materials like it like i feel like it was going to tear my son's shirt i feel like i was going to tear my shirt but on things like the interior of your car where it's a little bit more durable this is works really well the lilly brush i wasn't as impressed as some of the viewers on amazon although i did did work well on the car interior and actually worked best on the clothing so it certainly has some uses it seems like even on some of the things that it worked well on like the couch there was a lot of it took a lot of energy to really get it to work right so i think the furs off was better for the couch this was better for clothing it definitely has its uses but maybe not for everything and finally the pet wedge i thought it worked really well on the couch but it doesn't seem like it picks up quite as much hair on certain things like the in the car that the furzoff did so this might be big for large surfaces but you the only thing about this one is that you have to stop and clean it off regularly and the hair kind of grabs on to it so really i think they all did pretty well in some of the different tests but i gotta go with the furs off as long as it's not material that's gonna be sensitive the scratchy surface the fur's off to me is the top pick have you guys used any of these tell me what you think in the comments below i appreciate you guys watching and i'll see you next time bailey oh come on [Music] [Music] you

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